Fishburn Band would like to wish all their website visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Our engagements have been completed for 2002, the carol playing is almost over and the collection boxes have been counted  in readiness to be put away for another year.  Many thanks to all our well-wishers and contributors.  We are looking forward to a very busy six months culminating in the recording of our second CD, which will be a celebration of the bands 50th anniversary.  Please keep visiting our Bandroom News page to keep updated on our events and activites during 2003!

Bandroom News 23.12.02


Fishburn Band welcomes Caroline Jackson onto Solo BaritoneNeil Simpson has moved over to the Euphonium bench, with Jeff Bell assuming the position of Principal Euphonium.  It's eyes down and look in for rehearsals on 'Journey into Freedom' for the Durham League ContestCaroline is well known to the Band, being a frequent the fact that she is engaged to Jeff!

Bandroom News 06.12.02


How do they do it?  A lucky bit of skill has seen the Gill boys, John and Mal, retain the title of Manager of the Month for November.  Runner-up this time was Jeff Bell's Euphornia who is trying to force the pace and is no longer prepared to languish fourth from bottom - better luck in December.

Bandroom News 06.12.02


Well done Vicki - you left the band in, we're not on about your leaving do, we mean becoming our 29000th visitor on 29th November.   Competition is fierce as to who will be the first to reach the 30,000 milestone - watch this space!

Bandroom News 29.11.02


We're sadly saying our goodbyes to Vicki Copeland this weekend as she heads south to start a new life.  Vicki joined us on the back row and soon progressed to the Solo Cornet bench.  We wish her well and no doubt she'll pay us a visit when she returns to see family and friends.  The Blackpool CISWO Festival was the first contest for our new player on B flat Bass, Keith Hepworth.  We have known 'Heppy' for many years, having all been members of the Head Wrightson Works Band many, many years ago and know that he is an asset to any band.

Bandroom News 18.11.02  


The band had a happy return to one of it's favourite venues - the Winter Gardens, Blackpool - on Saturday, 16 November 2002.  Playing a very musical performance of Peter Graham's 'Essence of Time', we were placed 3rd with 192 points in a contest where adjudicator David Read found it difficult to separate the top placings.  The weekend away was just what the band needed, following the difficulties of  the last few months.  Thanks go to Tot, Russ and Billy from the Fishburn Club/Band Supporters Group - your continued support and generosity is very much appreciated by all band members.

Bandroom News 18.11.02


We almost forgot!, John and Malcolm Gill better known as 'The Gill Brothers Twix' were Managers of the Month for October with the winning total of 56 points, helping to elevate them to the top of the league.  Lets hope they can last the pace, it looks like a long season!
Bandroom News 14.11.02


Carole Bell has claimed the distinguished honour of being our 28,000th visitor to the Website on 11th November.  An absolutely astonishing total and one which leaves all of our rivals trailing enviously in our wake.  A big congratulations to Carole on achieving the treasured hit and a huge thank you to everyone who visits regularly helping keep the turnover at such a high level.  We're already looking to break the 30,000 barrier over the Xmas period!

Bandroom News 11.11.02


Yes, we now have sound files posted on the website as a taster from our CD for your enjoyment.  Taken from our CD 'Durham's Pride' you can now listen to 3 tracks 'A Chance in Time?' an excellent composition by Ian Robinson, and two very commendable pieces, the march 'Fishburn' and 'Rain on the Wind' by Herbie Martin.  The Band commissioned Ian to write 'A Chance in Time?' following the Band's successful application for a Lottery grant for new instruments.
Visit our CD information page and click on the audio controls to have a listen!
Don't forget to order your copy of the CD to hear the complete list of recordings! They would make excellent Xmas presents for your friends and family!!!

Bandroom News 10.11.02


The date for the above concert has been confirmed and will take place on
Friday, 22 November 2002.

Bandroom News 25.10.02


A couple of our forthcoming concert dates have had to be changed - our Christmas concert at Fishburn Club will now be on Friday, 13 December 2002 and the date of our concert at Delves Lane Club, Consett has to be changed - we hope to confirm the new date very soon.   Patrons will receive their up-dated engagement list by post.
Bandroom News 20.10.02


Like a phantom,  Stewart, our illustrious colleague, Committee man, Trustee and all round good guy, has come from behind, leaving all in his wake, to take the honour of being visitor number 27000 on 15.10.02...hard lines Foxy, better luck next time.

Bandroom News 19.10.02


Everyone at Fishburn Band would like to say congratulations to Neil and Gillian Parkin on the birth of their baby girl, Eve Rose.  She came into this world weighing a magnificent 8lb 12oz and is a welcome sister for Amy.

Bandroom News 15.10.02


Apologies to our Patron Scheme members - we've been a bit busy over the last couple of weeks with an 18th birthday to organise but we're back on track and your Newsletters will be arriving by the end of this week.

Bandroom News 30.09.02


This one's a puzzler - do we believe young, innocent Steve who claims he was our 26000th visitor (well, he was young and innocent before starting out at Durham University this week), or is he making a bogus claim just to take the heat off a member from another local band who daren't let his mates know that he regularly visits our site!  Either way, the jury's out on this one, but thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Bandroom News 30.09.02


Congratulations to Neil Simpson (Fishburn's Solo Baritone player) and his Homers Donuts team for claiming Manager of the Month for August - obviously a very lucky start being a staunch Newcastle Supporter!  Everyone's hot on his heels this month with the lead changing with every match.  Intense rivalry amongst band members is on the cards and friendships will be tested this weekend when Newcastle take on Sunderland.   However, John Gill and Mal Usher still have smiles on their faces following Hartlepool's crushing (John's words not mine) of Darlington last Saturday!

Bandroom News 17.09.02


Following the events after the North of England Regional Championships on 17.03.02, the decision of the North of England Regional Committee and our subsequent appeal against the severity of the punishment to the Federation, we have now received their ruling which is as follows:

Mr M Gill should be banned from participating in the National Championships for a period of three years from 01.01.03.  In addition the Panel will ask the Registry Management to withdraw his card for a period of one year with immediate effect

Mr C Parker should be banned from participating in the National Championships for a period of two years from 01.01.03.

There should be no punishment of the Band as a whole.

We are pleased that the Federation have upheld our appeal on all three counts and feel justified in our actions in taking the matter to them.  The Band has never condoned the actions of the two players and although events of 17.03.02 were inaccurately reported within certain press articles, we feel that going over old ground at this point in time is not beneficial to any parties concerned.

Whilst we still feel the punishment against the two individuals is severe, as a Band we are now preparing to move forward and put these matters behind us.

Thanks to all the individuals and bands who have supported us in what has been a difficult six months.

Fishburn Band Committee 02.09.02


Well done to everyone on helping us reach this marvellous total, especially the Fishburn Band horn section.  Once again, it was Steve, fresh from his A Level results, who managed to beat off stiff opposition to be visitor number 25000 on 25.08.02 and the website is still only 18 months old.  THANK YOU!

Bandroom News 27.08.02


Well that's our holidays over and done with for another year (and don't our lips know it)...athough with another couple of rehearsals under our belt, it'll feel like we've NEVER been away.  So, what's new...unfortunately we had to withdraw from the Troon contest (due to holidays) but it's back to rehearsing test pieces again and the next two will be Essence of Time and Ballet for Band as well as putting together a new concert programme that is testing our sight-reading.  Congratulations go to Steve (1st Horn) for an excellent show in his A Level results (3 x A's) and luckily for the band, he won't be going too far as he heads off to Durham University.  The Fishburn Fantasy Football League is also up and running for the new season and although there's a long way to go, the very early leader is Paul Tallentire's FTM.
Bandroom News 26.08.02 


It was a tense affair on Thursday evening when the auction was held in the Bandroom for the coming season of the Fishburn Band Fantasy Football League.  Why not click here to check out the runners and riders - or just click on the appropriate link on our website Homepage.  The matches kick-off on Saturday, 17.08.02 and after last season's domination by Ronnie Bannister, his Blacksedge United will be the team to beat.  We will be tracking the progress of the teams during the season on our football page 
Bandroom News 28.07.02


Well done to Michael Duncan, horn player from Chester-le-Street Riverside Brass who beat everyone to the 24000 mark on Thursday, 25.07.02 - obviously Steve (Fishburn Band's first horn) was too busy studying the form for the Fishburn Band Fantasy Football League auction.
Bandroom News 28.07.02


The 'After-Sun Lotion' has been out in force after Saturday's Durham Miners Gala!  The sun was shining brightly as Fishburn Band did their own sponsored walk round, Fishburn and Coxhoe before heading for the New Inn at Durham.  Once again the band were honoured to be asked to play the miners hymn, Gresford, before the speeches got under way and then it was off to the pub for a bit of socialising before the long, uphill walk out.  A huge thank you to all our friends who came along to help.  Chris, Steve and Colin from Sandhurst Silver Band have already booked their places for Durham Gala 2003, even though it took them 10 hours to drive home on the Sunday!  Keep a look-out for the photos from this year's Gala which will be added to the website this week.

Bandroom News 16.07.02


Durham Miners Gala looms this coming weekend (13.07.02), but first we have our traditional eve of meeting concert in the Fishburn Workingmen's Club on Friday night, starting at 8.15 pm - everyone's welcome to come along for a great night's entertainment.  As in 2001, Judy will once again be walking to Durham to boost band funds, so please see one of the band members at the concert on Friday if you would like to make a donation.

Bandroom News 09.07.02


Well done to "The Singing Bucket" who's claimed being visitor number 23000 for the Fishburn Bass Section.  It seems that our Horn section were caught napping when this illustrious target was reached on Monday, 8.7.02!  Never mind, better luck next time.

Bandroom News 09.07.02


We have now concluded the competition and congratulate the winners on a very closely run contest.  First prize of £75 goes to Michael Hunter, 2nd prize of £25 goes to Caroline Jackson, 3rd prize of £20 goes to Ralph (Nissan), Joint 4th prizes of £15 each go to D Gayles and 'Big Jeff' (Rothmans) and £10 goes to both G Bowes and Stan Marr who both exceeded the 100 point threshold.
A big THANK YOU to all those who participated and helped raise £170 for our band funds, it is much appreciated.  Why not visit our World Cup page and see the full list of players and points  Audrey can relax now that the marking is over and done with!, roll on the European Championships in 2004!!

Bandroom News 30.06.02


Following the article printed in the British Bandsman entitled "Tom is no longer a Trustee", long standing member and Trustee of the Band Stewart Wilson, has responded to clarify the facts and hopefully bring to an end the one-sided views presented.  Click here to read Stewarts letter
Bandroom News 30.06.02


As we await the finalists of the 2002 World Cup, check out how you've done in Fishburn Band's World Cup Competition, as all the participants and their scores are now  listed on our World Cup page.   The band had a good day out at Eggleston on Saturday (22.6.02) - once again Kieran Gill sponsored the event by spending all of his (and his Mam and Dad's) money on the raffle stall!  The weather kept fine, the march was downhill and thanks go to Andy Nicholson and his 'ladies' for arranging our cream teas!  Our concert season continues with a visit to Barnard Castle on Saturday evening (29.6.02), followed by two concerts with the Lyric Singers in Sedgefield on 5 & 6 July.  Graham's doing his best to choreograph the band in a couple of the pieces (who says you can't teach an old dog some new tricks) but I'm really looking forward to seeing the ragtime soloists in their hats and the trombone section in their wimples.....I know I'd buy a ticket - that's entertainment!

Bandroom News 25.06.02


The first round matches have been completed and now it's a case of waiting for the two finalists to make themselves known.  There's a few people who have lost out by naming the likes of France and Italy, but funny enough no one has put down the likes of South Korea as a possible winner!  We'll be putting down everyone's scores over the next few days, so keep an eye on our World Cup page.

Bandroom News 18.06.02


It was only a matter of time before an 'outsider' joined in the race to push the visitor total over the next thousand mark!  Our thanks therefore go to 'Mr Vib' from Ever Ready on helping us reach the 22000 mark - bet our horn section are gutted!

Bandroom News 17.06.02


Following our recent spate of contests, it's great to be back in the bandroom and sorting out new music for our forthcoming engagements.   We will be opening the Egglestone Carnival on Saturday, 22 June with a short (downhill) march and afternoon concert and on Saturday, 29 June (7.30 pm) the band will be playing at St Mary's Church, Barnard Castle where entry is by programme costing £5 (or if you are a Fishburn Band Patron, this has been identified as one of your designated concerts so please apply for your concessionary programme via Audrey on 01429 297019).

Bandroom News 12.06.02


The Fishburn Band World Cup Competition is well under way and after 17 matches we have a clear leader (as of 5 June) - Ralph (from Nissan) with 48 points.  Why not check out our World Cup page and see if your name is up there with the leaders.

Bandroom News 05.06.02


Well done Vicky - the cornet section reign supreme once more - 21000 visitors to our award winning website.  Jubilation all round apart from poor Jeff and Steve - they were caught napping (checking their football scores or washing their hair perhaps)!  Better luck next time.  Let's keep the hits rolling and leave the opposition in our wake!!

Bandroom News 03.06.02


After the Masters contest it had been hoped that Fishburn Band's Musical Director, Ian Robinson, would be coming back refreshed following his self-imposed break, to continue as before.  However, following his recent resignation from the Fishburn Band, it only remains for us to reluctantly accept of such.  We, the Band, would like to thank Ian for his enthusiasm and service over the last twenty-one years as both a player and as conductor, during which there have been many successes.

That time together has been one of the most productive periods in the Band's history, and made possible due to Ian and the band members' constant dedication, developing abilities and teamwork.  This hard work has turned the Band into a force to be reckoned with within banding at a national level.

We wish Ian well in all his future endeavours and feel certain that a large part of Fishburn Band will always remain with him in whatever direction he takes.

The Band must now look to their future and build on the legacy that Ian has left behind.

Fishburn Band Committee 01.06.02


What can we say - it was only a matter of time before the horn section were back on track.  Steven (Fishburn's 1st Horn) has once again helped us reach another milestone - the brilliant target of 20000 visitors to the website!  (Not bad for a website that's only been up and running for 15 months).  He put his studies on hold to beat stiff competition from Jazzy Jeff and Foxy Paul to reach this illustrious target (see Guestbook entries).   We can now get back to concentrating on what lies ahead - a weekend away as we compete for the first time in our history at the All England Masters contest in Cambridge on Sunday.

Bandroom News 24.05.02


Fishburn Band wish to issue the following statement regarding the disciplinary action taken by the North of England Regional Committee: 

Upon seeking legal advice, Fishburn Band have been advised not to make any further comment at this time.

Fishburn Band Committee 15.05.02


It's the end of the 2001 ~ 2002 season and the Manager of the season who outgunned even Arsene Wenger this year is RONNIE BANNISTER and his team 'BLACKSEDGE', winning all three competitions of the League, the League Series Competition and the FA Cup!  Leaving the rest of us in his wake, Ronnie showed little compassion whilst rubbing his hands awaiting his prizes.
Runners up in each competition were NEIL PARKIN and his team 'BARITOWN' in the League, JEFF BELL and his team 'EUPHORNIA' in the the League Series Competition and JOHN & MAL GILL and their team 'GING GANG GILLY'S' in the FA Cup.  Why not visit our FOOTBALL PAGE to view further details of this remarkable season along with details of the FIFA WORLD CUP 2002.

Bandroom News 14.05.02


We did it!  With precision timing, we managed to break the domination of the Horn Section and were the first to reach the total of 19000.  Thanks to all our visitors.  It's amazing how the numbers are growing - it's less than two weeks since Jillian became our 18000th visitor!  Who'll be next to reach the 20000 mark - will it be from our band or another...will it be a new visitor or a regular?  All these questions and more could be answered in less than two weeks.  I know who my money's on (and he's not even in Fishburn Band)!  Let battle commence.

Bandroom News 12.05.02


A good day was had by all at Blackpool on Saturday (11.05.02).  With excellent, well attended rehearsals and high expectations under Graham O'Connor's direction, we had hoped for a top two position to qualify for the Open.  However, the band played well (click here to read the adjudicators' comments) and claimed a very respectable 6th place, gaining the band automatic qualification into the Grand Shield 2003.

Bandroom News 12.05.02


Well done Jillian (Fishburn's Solo Horn) for becoming visitor No 18000 on 02.05.02.  Who'll be first to pass the 19000 mark - watch this space, at this rate it won't be long! 

Bandroom News 03.05.02


Ronnie Bannister and his Blacksedge United has romped away with April's Manager of the Month, with runners-up spot going to John and Malcolm Gill's Ging Gang Gillys.  There's not long to the World Cup so why not contact the band to have a go by predicting the scores and finalists with Fishburn Band's World Cup Competition.   Completed forms have to be with us by 24.05.02 so there's still plenty of time to study the form and try and win cash prizes.

Bandroom News 03.05.02


Congragulations to Fishburn Band's percussionist, Ashley Durrant, who got married to Tracy Dadd today (Sunday, 28.4.02) at the Salvation Army Citadel, Guisborough.  A small brass ensemble made up of band members and friends of the couple provided music for the occasion and Simone Rebello played the marimba solo, 'A Little Prayer'. 

Bandroom News 28.04.02


It's full steam ahead in the bandroom and Graham's put so much effort and energy into rehearsals that he's flared up an old injury.  Never mind it's a busy time ahead with sectionals, split practices (with the inner and outer circle parts for Atlantic) culminating with the full band rehearsing Checkmate for the Grand Shield.

Bandroom News 19.04.02


Well done Steve (alias Haircut 100) and our newly promoted First Horn for becoming visitor number 17000 today (19.04.02).  It seems the website, like the band, is going from strength to strength.  Thanks for all your support.

Bandroom News 19.04.02


We all had a break from the band with no rehearsal on Easter Sunday, but it's back to the grind tonight (Tuesday) with sectionals in the run-up to our two major contests in May - the Grand Shield at Blackpool and the Masters at Cambridge.  We have also had a couple of changes in personnel since the Area - Rachel (tuned percussion) is taking a break due to her A Levels, and we wish her well in her studies.  Returning to the band on the bass end is Jim Dickinson and we hope to be adding his profile to the site over the coming weeks. 

Bandroom News 02.04.02 


Well done to 'The Singing Bucket' - one of Fishburn's bass players and regular contributor to the Guestbook - who managed to bring our website total over the 16000 mark on Tuesday, 2 April 2002.  Many thanks for your support.

Bandroom News 02.04.02


Fishburn Band's website has once again been awarded the "Golden Web Award" for 2002 ~ 2003.  The award, presented by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers (IAWMD), was given "in recognition of our commitment to the pursuit of website excellence, representing an outstanding website, incorporating high standards of design, originality and content." This award is gratefully received and our thanks go to all of our visitors who give us the incentive to continually update and improve the website.

Bandroom News 01.04.02


Congratulations go to Ronnie Bannister and his Fantasy Football League team, Blacksedge United, for his remarkable tally of 102 points for March 2002. This  gives Ronnie the honour of being the Manager of the Month for the first time this season, although he did once share the position.  A surprising statistic considering his current leading position in the League with a total of 414 points.  Runners-up spot this month goes to Neil Parkin and his team, Bari Town, with a total of 58 points.  Wooden spoon this month goes to Paul Tallentire and his team, FTM, with a 'tally' of 33 points.  Why not check out the finer details of our Fantasy Football League teams including the FA Cup and League Series competition tables via our new Football Page.

Bandroom News 01.04.02


We've been so busy recently that we missed recording 14000 hits on our website and before we knew it, Steve (alias Haircut 100), Fishburn's horn player and Sandra (sop player for Murton) helped us reach 15000 hits on Friday, 22.03.02.  This proves how the website is going from strength to strength with many new and repeat visitors.

Bandroom News 24.03.02


Following the events of 17.03.02 the Band had intended to issue a full statement once discussions had taken place with the North of England Regional Committee but feel an additional statement is required at this time.

Whilst the Band do not condone the actions of its members we feel that the events have been exaggerated and inaccurately reported with an unnecessary negative slant without the full details being quoted.

The Band has always taken pride in its reputation as a friendly, family Band and has in the past received praise from Contest Organisers regarding the conduct of its members.

We are currently seeking legal advice with regards to reports made and published and will make a full statement once matters have been finalised between all parties involved.

Fishburn Band Committee, 22.03.02


In response to the unfortunate events that occurred following the announcement of results at the Area Contest at Darlington on Sunday, 17.03.02, disciplinary action has been taken against the two members concerned.  Both players have expressed their deep remorse regarding the separate incidents and they have accepted this action unreservedly.

Fishburn Band Committee, 20.03.02


1st Ever Ready  2nd EYMS  3rd Fishburn:  Individual Prizes:  Best Bass Section EYMS, Best Principal Cornet Bryan Tait (Ever Ready), Best Soprano Malcolm Usher (Fishburn).   Click here to read adjudicator's commentsA statement will appear here shortly regarding the events that occurred following the announcement of the results at the end of the contest. 
Why not read our 'ODE TO THE AREA'

Bandroom News 18.03.02


Following a recent Guestbook entry by a member of our Trombone Section (known to his friends as 'Foxy'), we have acted upon his suggestion and will, from this point in time, be publishing adjudicator's comments of our contest performances, whether they be good, bad, ugly or even downright ludicrous!  We have started with the comments of Tony Swainson who had the audacity to place us 2nd at the Durham League Contest in February after our fine performance (we're not bitter) - click here to read his comments.  Our next contest is on Sunday, 17 March 2002 at the North of England Championships in Darlington, where we would love to repeat our fine win of 2001.   

Bandroom News 17.03.02


OOPS!  We've been so busy over the last couple of weeks, what with extra rehearsals etc, that we failed to notice our visitors to the website passing the 13000 mark.  It obviously occurred some time between our birthday on 25.2.02 when the number registered was 12570 visitors and today, 08.03.02 when we've had 13088 and rising.  That's over 1000 visitors a month - better than we ever anticipated.   We're hoping that our new football page will become a popular and regular page for our visitors.  Why not have a look and vote for who you think will win the band's Fantasy Football League this season.  It looks like one team already has a clear lead - but we have it on good authority that a certain team manager likes to visit the page to edge his own team in front!  Guess who...we know who you are, can you work it out?

Bandroom News 08.03.02


Was it really just one year ago today that we officially opened the Fishburn Band website?  What did we do with all that spare time prior to 25.02.01 - never mind, it's been well worth the effort (or so we're told)!  We've had 12570 visitors in our first year and some of our more popular pages have been Bandroom News with 2239 hits , Band Members with 2754 hits and a grand total of 302 Guestbook entries.  Thanks for all your kind comments and your contributions - our aim is to continuously improve the site, keeping it fresh and up-to-date for new and old visitors.  Thanks once again.

Bandroom News 12.15 am 25.02.02


Are you a soccer fanatic or just a saddo like us?  Then why not check out our new Football Page on the website - just click on the spinning football at the foot of our Homepage.   You can see how well we're all doing (or not) with our Fantasy Football Teams, you can even have a guess as to who will win the prizes.  Why not have a go at Fishburn Band's World Cup competition, where for only £1 you can try to predict the scores of the opening matches, with bonus points being awarded for predicting the finalists.  50% of the proceeds will go to band funds, the other 50% will be distributed as prize money.  Closing date for entry is 24.05.02.  Do you support a team, local or otherwise, in the Premiership?  We now have links on our new Football Page to all Premiership teams with an opportunity for you to vote for who you think will win the League.  We'll be reporting in future Bandroom News items who you see as the favourites.  Send us an e-mail if you would like your team to be added to our Football Page.

Bandroom News 21.02.02


Well done 'Jazzy' Jeff Bell for getting back on line just in time to be our 12000th visitor to the website on Sunday, 10.02.02.  It's our 1st birthday this month - 25.02.02 - and it was great to receive so many kind words, comments and suggestions about our web pages when we rubbed shoulders with our fellow bandsmen at the Durham League Contest.  A huge thank you to all our visitors, new and old, famous and infamous!

Bandroom News 11.02.02


It wasn't quite the result we wanted but our second place to local rivals Ever Ready at the League Contest (Sunday 03.02.02) is something to build on in our new partnership with Graham O'Connor.   Well done to, Rachel and Ashley, who won the Best Percussion prize and much praise must be showered on our trombone section, who saved their best performance until on the stage yet failed to walk away with a prize!  It's the 'big one' next month, the Area - so it's back in the bandroom on Thursday getting our teeth into Whitsun Wakes.

Bandroom News 04.02.02

Well done to Neil Parkin and his team Bari Town who came out tops for the month of January, runners-up spot was shared by Neil Simpson's Homers Donuts and John and Mal Gill's Ging Gang Gillys.  It's close at the top of the League with Jeff Bell's Euphornia Utd on 303 points, Neil's Bari Town on 302 and Ronnie Bannister's Blacksedge Utd on 292.

Bandroom News 02.02.02


Well, the contest season is nearly upon us - we're at the DCBBA Annual Grading Contest on Sunday, 03.02.02 at Spennymoor Leisure Centre, hoping to start the year as we mean to go on!  Then it will be back in the bandroom rehearsing for the Area Contest on 17.03.02.

Bandroom News 31.01.02


With sadness, the members of Fishburn Band send their condolences to Kevin Franey and his family following the death of his mother and sister in a car accident.  Our thoughts are with Kevin and his family at this difficult time.

Bandroom News 30.01.02


Another milestone reached - 11000 hits on our award winning website.  Our 1st birthday is nearly here, 25.02.02 - WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Bandroom News 28.01.02


The start of the year sees a change in Musical Director, due to our current bandmaster, Ian Robinson, taking a break.  We have engaged the services of Mr Graham O'Connor who is no stranger to Band Members, having taken the Band on previous occasions at Blackpool and Easingwold, and more recently at our Christmas Concert in Fishburn on 14.12.01.  Graham is presently putting us through our paces ready for the Durham League Contest at Spennymoor on 03.02.02 and will take the Band at the North of England Championships at Darlington on 17.03.02.  Look out for Graham's profile being added to the website in the near future.

Bandroom News 12.01.02


Congratulations to Neil Parkin and his team Bari Town, who ended the year as Manager of the Month for December.  Close behind him in second place came Ronnie Bannister, manager of Blacksedge United.  It's a busy time for Fishburn Band's Fantasy Football League - with the FA Cup games now coming into play there's even more money (and pride) at stake!

Bandroom News 11.01.02
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