North of England Championships
17 March 2002

Whitsun Wakes for Brass Band
Michael Ball (1997)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:Malcolm Brownbill

Intonation in opening bars, then good movement and style.  A little suspect bar 17. 1.  bar 8 not secure.  2. has confidence.  3. likewise and good accel into bar 4. 
4. has excitement.  7. mainly clear detail.  8-13. good detail.  14. little rock in quartet.  Good detail into 16. and secure chords follow.  16. bar 8 euph strong on chord.  17. soloists play with confidence.  19. well played flugel.  20. also trom and good support in chords.  21. a well balanced and presented duet.  22. nice athletic style.  25. intonation to open in duet.  Good rep and horn.  26. a nice flow and shape.  29. bar 3 a little loose rhythmically to open.  31. bravo sop.  33. sparkles with clear bell effects, odd minor tuning problem. Not balanced into 37.  Noble style here and good attention to detail.  38. good detail and timp a little loose 3 from close.  A good start to the contest, a few intonation problems as mentioned, but also lots to commend with good soloist contribution.  Thank you.

Points awarded:189Position:3
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