(Updated 30 June 2002)

The World Cup has now finished, with Brazil beating Germany 2 - 0 in the
World Cup Final.  Of 252 votes registered on our web poll, 25 (10%) of you  voted for England, closely followed by 20 (8%) votes for Italy and 19 (8%) votes for Brazil.  Germany only received 8 (3%) of your votes so was the Final result a foregone conclusion?

So with the additional 8 or 20 points added for those who correctly predicted one or both of the finalists, how did you do?

110 points ~ £75 1ST PRIZE
Michael Hunter

108 points ~ £25 2ND PRIZE
Caroline Jackson

105 points ~ £20 3RD PRIZE
Ralph (Nissan)

104 points ~ £15 PRIZE EACH
D Gayles,
Big Jeff (Rothmans)

103 points ~ £10 PRIZE
G Bowes

102 points ~ £10 PRIZE
Stan Marr

99 points
Graham Steggar

97 points
Joan Rowland, Pauline Cooper, G Miller, Ron Bannister

96 points
Colin Richardson, James Kirkbride

95 points
Margaret Hardy

94 points
D T Crofton, S Malcolm

93 points
Tally, Ian Wheatley

92 points
K Metcalfe, Doug Bullock, Mr T Atkin, Liam Atkinson

91 points
Joanne Miller, Neil Parkin

90 Points
Richard Overfield, J Saxton, G Musgrave, Craig Comerford,
Tony Whitehead, R Doran, Andrew Elvidge, Dave Neil

89 Points
Dave Richardson, M Cooper, S Hutchinson

88 Points
Sharon Mullin, Margaret Hardy, John Whitfield,
Neville Wilkinson, Billie Barras, Steph Nesbitt

87 Points
Jeff Maddison, Sandra Maddison, Steve Marine, Stephen Mitchell,
Paul Atkinson, John Hodgson, Dorothy Storey

86 Points
Mick Woods, Jim Bradley, Jonathan White, Kevan Richardson,
Darren Coyne

85 Points
Michael Robinson, Eric Gowling, Michael Fenwick, David Williamson

84 Points
Paul Mason, Barry Hutchinson, Mark Ferry, Mike Lane, J Donald,
Scott Williamson, Frank Bell, Cy Adamson, Graham Pearce, Andy Elvidge

83 points
F Gayles, Craig Kipling, Colin Stevenson, Allan Towers, David Coull, Michael Orley, Jamie Kirk, D Sirett, June Holmes

82 points
Andy Elvidge, B Garthwaite, Michael McMahon, Mark Robinson,
Kieran Gill, Robert Rowland, Carol Hetherington, Bill Brown,
John Ashford, Garry Litherland, Thomas Farrell, John Youll 

81 points
Gragory McCone, Ross Gelding, Ian Corner, David Geldart, David Metcalf, Grag Longstaff, G Golightly, Laurence James, Victor Atkinson, A Hardy, Ron Storey, Phylis Turver

76-80 points
Peter Wilkinson, R Sugden, John Wilson, Mandy Howe, Lorna Jennings, Steve Juillerat, B Todd, Peter Bartch, Cath Crofton, Ian Price, P Meek,
Emma Dixon, Karen Richardson, John Tumilty, Alan Birchall,
Christine Pullan, Dave Simpson, Jeff Bell, Martin Crofton,
Brian Thompson, Tom Drysdale, Brian Hughes, P Thorns, Ian Fairweather, Joe McCabe, W Greenwell, Andrew Turver, Ray Slater, Lynne Bennett, Peter Skinner, David Priestley,  Kevin Ward, Martin Hull, Sean Maddison, Lee Bullock, Russ Wharton, George Owens, Norman Toft, G Barras, Stephen Hodgson,  J Greenwell, G Frankland, R K Holmes, Gavin Jewson, Ellis Lockett, Craig Herbert, Mark Ferrer, GIK, Brian Twidale, Luke Barras, Neil McRory, Mal Usher

71-75 points
Matthew Skirving, Mark Horniman, Thomas Storer, Hilary Miller,  G Dale,
S Fawcett, Paul McGee, Stephen Dobson, Natalie Stevenson, Len Usher, Barrie Brown,  Sean Parkin, Gary Appleton, Graeme Parkin, A Greenwell, Laurence Hunter, Peter Hardy, Trevor Foster, Derek Hodgkiss, T Hardy,
Rory Elder, Neil Johnson, Ben Morris, Stephen Hall, Darren Million, Charlie Murray, Tot Lawson, Julie Wilkinson, Peter Sellers, Kevin Newell, Dave Stubbs, Stephen Emmerson, Eileen Tallentire, Chris Musgrave,
N Gordon, Clair Hardy, John Lavender, Percy (Electrolux), John Bowman, John Connelly, T Patterson, B Blackett, Gary Bloomfield, Richard Crofton, James Windram, Anon (Fishburn Club), J Brown, Trevor Jones, A Hardy, Ian Parkin, Christine Pullan, John Matthew, Dave Allan, B Sugden,
Waslin Ian, Paul Burn, Malcolm Gill, James Atkinson, Sally Cooke

66-70 points
Steven Cadwallander, Jim Trotter, J Hughes, Jeremy Beadle, D Cooper, Paul Adamson, Graham McMullen, Mr Dhanoya, Emma Jennings, Caroline Baker, Julie Pratt, Craig Thompson, Chris Allinson. Ian Thompson, Ian Blair, Brian McDonald, Noel Brown, Tot Craggs, Alison Gill, Billy Wright, Neill Turver, Dennis Crooks, Ron Bannister, David Horner, Andy Elvidge, Dave Spindloe, Matthew Maddison, Steven Clayton, J Holmes, Tally, Sylvia Thubron, Scott Thompson, Dez Tinkler, Val Spark, P Thornberry, Claire Turver, Linda Bullock, Mark Robinson, John Hebron, David Walton, Nicky Proudlock, Jeff Stanwix, Lee Jennings, Helen Gill, Colin Harvey

61-65 points
Darren Reay, Angela Innes, Glenn Thompson, Jason Moncur, Tally, Wayne Everett, Fred Rowe, Stewart Wilson, Steve Couhig, Daniel Trotter, Darren Peart, Tony Duffy, Steven Bell, Susan Mavin, Patrick Brooker, Giles Wilson, Jonathan Ebblewhite, John White, Mark Hume, J Dodsworth, Alan Mountain, Sam Hughes, Carol Lane, Ryan Hughes, George Bell,
J Tinkler, Mike Mills, Brian McDonald, M Parsler, Barry Kidd,
Stewart Wilson, Kevin Cox, Chris Williams, Janice Brooker, Joan Usher, Elaine Walton, Shaun Meek, Kelly Hardy, J Walton, L Innis, A Moore, Sharon Wakes, Marty Dougherty, K Blair 

56-60 points
K Rhodes, Kevin Hughes, Neil Wharton, Gary Robins, Audrey Gill,
Stan & Meeky (Electrolux), Kevin Graham, Paul Bradley, A Lavin,
Ian Batty, Paula Foster, D Taylorson, B Grobellar, Ian Bambrough, Paul Jobling, S Hardy, Debbie Sellers, Paul Glasson, Big Al (Electrolux),
Dave Skirving, Dean Dodsworth, Chris Rycroft,

51-55 points
Neil Box, Helen Holmes, S Hardy, Kieran Gill, Craig Brown, Stephen Jennings, Richie Temple, Brian Tunstall, Sarah (No1  Boro Babe) Jones, Tony Purcell

42-50 points 
Stephanie Moppett, Stephen Ball, Paul 'Foxy' White, Craig Brown,
Clare Hardy, David Farrell, Neil Andrews, Aaron Cowen
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