The Grand Shield
The 82nd Spring Brass Band Festival Competition

Qualifying contest for the British Open Brass Band Championship
11May 2002

Three of the Four Dances from
Arthur Bliss (arr. Eric Ball) (1978)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicators - Nicholas and Robert Childs

Nicholas Childs:

Dance of the Four Knights - Good performance with much style.  Just odd moment of lapses.  14 Careful with intervals.
Red Bishops - Not good ensemble to start.  Careful not to make too much < > etc.  Euphs & Baris before 36 balance not good.  Intonation towards end.
Finale - Fine start with some fine playing.  5 after 47 Bb Bass careful not too much 8va!  Also Eb Bass before 56?  Great close, and I enjoy the sound of Bass Trom.  Well directed.

Robert Childs:

Dance of the Four Knights - This performance has lots of style and detail.  Very impressive dynamic range.  14 has one or two blips (Sop) but the music is so well balanced and soloists really perform.
Red Bishops - Bell plays slightly before the Band.  Brave Trombone (almost there).  Expression good if a little overdone.  Bass pedals are too obvious, don't spoil it!  Nice Euph quartet?  Mutes add to colour but distract from good intonation (less than good close).
Finale - Fast but exciting and dynamically so impressive.  5 after 47 again basses pedal and distract from the performance.  Excellent at 52 - triumphant. Brilliant finish - monster Bass Trombone.

Position:6 (& automatic qualification for Grand Shield 2003)
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