Durham County Brass Band Association
Annual Grading Contest
3 February 2002

John O'Gaunt
Gilbert Vinter

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:  Tony Swainson

Trombone tuning is an immediate problem. 

Brilliante - displays great character and the band sound is now totally convincing.  Good euph at 39 although I don't like crescendo in septuplet (too much!). 

6/4 is good with great character and sop/bass is good.  78 Pesante might have been even more spacious. 

Affetuoso - lovely solo and gorgeous band sounds displaying great warmth. 

Presto - great detail and all in pppp,  Well done.  140 momentarily lost balance in horns.  Presto - great effects - brilliant playing.  242 slightly untidy and dim could have been even more effective. 

Tempo 1 excellent playing again with clear detail. 

Molto Sostenuto not all controlled particularly in diminuendo but you lead to a fine finish, powerful and controlled.

Points awarded:  191Position: 2
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