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Are you a football fanatic?  If so, you are in the right place!
The members of Fishburn Band have been very actively involved in the week-in week-out goings on of the premiership by virtue of the
Fishburn Fantasy Football League

Based on the actual Results, Scorers, Assists, Clean Sheets and Goals conceded by our leading teams, we all attempt to be crowned Fantasy League Champions, League Series Winners, FA Cup Winners,
and Manager of the month throughout the season.

The season commences by the holding of a Fantasy League Auction usually held in the Fishburn Club or Bandroom during which a great deal of bidding, drinking, banter, kidology, arguing and bluffing occurs!

The Fantasy League teams are each allowed  a budget of £50M to bid for up to 18 players, with a limit of 2 players from any one Premiership team.

Once the season commences, each Manager can change their players relegating 7 players from the squad of 18 to the Substitutes bench.

Each month a transfer day is organised to allow Managers to bid for  new Players in place of their existing 'Donkeys'.
Fishburn Fantasy Football league
Visit our Fantasy Football League Website
Past League Winners ~
Season    2011 ~ 2012

Season    2010 ~ 2011

Season    2009 ~ 2010

Season    2008 ~ 2009

Season    2007 ~ 2008

Season    2006 ~ 2007

Season    2005 ~ 2006

Season    2004 ~ 2005

Season    2003 ~ 2004

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Blacksedge Utd

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Bari Town
A favourite team of John Gill, Mal Usher and Cliff Linsley
A favourite team of Neil Simpson, Stewart and Jeff Bell
A favourite team of John Youll, Audrey Gill, Andrea White and Cliff Linsley
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A favourite team of John Gill
A favourite team of Paul Kerry
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Neil Simpson and Ronnie Bannister

Audrey Gill and Jayne Bateman

John & Kieran Gill

Audrey Gill and Jayne Bateman

John, Mal & Kieran Gill

John, Mal & Kieran Gill

Neil Parkin

John, Mal & Kieran Gill

John, Mal & Kieran Gill

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Ronnie Bannister

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