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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped Fishburn Band's award winning website reach this magnificent total only ten months since we officially opened for business on 25.02.01.  Our 10000th visitor was Neil Parkin, Fishburn Band's General Secretary and second bartone player, who reached the target by single-handedly fending off extreme competition from our 'celebrity' guestbook visitors from Coronation Street (we know who you are)!  Much respect and praise must also go to John Gill, webmaster, Principal Cornet and insomniac - an unsung hero for all his hard work (and sleepless nights) in striving to continuously change, update and forever improve the band's website!  You've succeeded in what you set out to do - congratulations!

Audrey - webmaster's 'partner in crime' - Bandroom News 30.12.01   


Fishburn Band would like to wish all their website visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Our engagements have been completed for 2001, the carol playing is over and the collection boxes have been put away for another year.  We are looking forward to a very busy six months which sees a change in the middle of the Band - all will be revealed in our first Bandroom News message of 2002!

Bandroom News 29.12.01


Another target reached - 9000 visitors to our award winning website.  It was one of Fishburn Band's great supporters, and regular contributors to the Guestbook, Bill Smailes, who helped us reach this milestone on 28.11.01.  THANK YOU.
Bandroom News 29.11.01 


It's been a difficult week for Fishburn Band - the CISWO Mineworkers Contest was looming and due to a family bereavement we were without a Musical Director.  The thought of not going was a strong possibility on Wednesday, 21.11.01 but following a telephone call, Graham O'Connor came to our rescue.  He took a rehearsal at Fishburn bandroom on Thursday evening, we travelled to Blackpool the following morning, had a practice on the afternoon with those players available and another one on the evening.   Graham also had another band in the second section of the contest and he was literally running between the practice rooms of both bands - unfortunately on the day it wasn't one of our best performances on the contest stand and Graham's hard work went unrewarded.  His other band, Hatfield Wilfrieda Beehive Band were placed second - our congratulations go to them.   The only thing left to do after the unfortunate run up to the contest and the poor result was to put the week's events behind us and go out 'on the town'!  Not sure how much I can reveal without a solicitor's letter being threatened but once again, Paul Tall's dancing was the talk of the Merrie England  Bar, Steven going missing had Aud reaching for her tablets as she was 'mother' for the weekend and Neil S has a rather 'delicate' injury following a stray kick by another band member (namely Paul 'Michael Flatley' Kerry) during a rather enthusiastic rendition of Zorba the Greek - there were still tears in Neil's eyes at breakfast on the Sunday morning.  Thanks also go to Tot and Russ from Fishburn Workingmen's Club who provided raffle prizes for the coach journey and put on a marvellous spread for those band members who returned to the Club on the Sunday lunchtime. 

Bandroom News 26.11.01


It is with sadness and regret that we report the death of Mr Fred Robinson, father of Fishburn Band's Musical Director, Ian Robinson.
The funeral will be held on Tuesday, 27.11.01 in Darlington.
Mr Robinson has long been a popular supporter of the Band attending many concerts.  He will be sadly missed.  Everyone connected with Fishburn Band send their thoughts and condolences to Fred's wife, Doris, Ian and members of the family.

Bandroom News 23.11.01


Congratulations for the month of October go to Neil Parkin of Baritown fame and Ronnie Bannister with Blacksedge United.  Both teams gained an incredible 51 points and share the prize.  Why not check out how the other runners and riders are doing by visiting the Fishburn Fantasy Football League page from our Homepage.

Bandroom News 03.11.01


Oops!  It appears that we omitted to tell you that our 7000th visitor to the site was Jillian our Solo Horn player  and no sooner said than done, but we have now reached the dizzy heights of 8000 visitors, spotted by Paul 'gotcha' TallentireThank you.

Bandroom News 03.11.01


Sorry it's been a while since our last entry, but we've been a bit busy!  The band has travelled the length and breadth of the country to contests in London and Wales and now we're busy rehearsing Isaiah 40 for the CISWO Mineworkers Contest at Blackpool on 24.11.01.  We won't dwell on October's results, other than to say we're a little disappointed by our 18th at London and totally bemused by our 19th at Pontins....but, onwards and upwards!!

Bandroom News 02.11.01


Well done to our euphonium and baritone players - they've all now completed their profiles - check them out!  We'll be having a name and shame list soon if the rest of you don't hurry up, either that or we'll get Paul Tallentire to make something up...he tells a good story.
Bandroom News 10.09.01 


It's all systems go at Fishburn as the contest season starts again this weekend with the band making the trip to Troon, Scotland for the Land O'Burns contest.  The emphasis this year is on entertainment, as the format has been changed by the organisers.  The last two visits have seen Fishburn placed first in 1999 and runners-up to Freckleton in 2000.  Next on the agenda will be London in October where the band will not only have to master the notes, but master the art of wandering randomly around the Royal Albert Hall stage.  A week later sees Fishburn travelling to Wales for the Pontins contest and then in November the band visits Blackpool for the annual CISWO contest.   Alongside the contests, the band is in demand to perform at various engagements, concerts and charity events before the end of the year.

BandroomNews 22.08.01


A good time was had by all at Fishburn Band's annual Treasure Hunt on Saturday, 18 August, organised this year by the 2000 winners, Jillian and Colin Dixon.  We travelled up hill, down dale and everywhere else inbetween and this year's winners were Pervy Peckers, namely the Parkers (Clive, Sue and Daniel) and the Kerrys (Paul and Katherine), who now have the honour of organising the event in 2002. 
Bandroom News 21.08.01  


We've reached another milestone - this time our thanks go to Jillian Dixon, our Solo Horn player, who perservered on Sunday, 19 August, to become visitor number 6000 on the website.
Bandroom News 20.8.01


We're back from our hols now so here's what's been happening whilst we've been away.  The band held a successful concert on 21 July at Durham with the wonderful Richard Marshall as guest soloist - a big thank you to all the players who filled in for those on holiday.  On the same weekend the band turned out for the local fun day at Fishburn.  The Fishburn Band Fantasy Football League held its auction after rehearsal on Sunday, 5 August ready for the start of the Premiership games on Saturday, 18 August.  We'll be setting up a Fantasy Football page on the site very soon so that you can check on how we're all doing.   It's a busy time for the band - alongside rehearsing the test pieces for London, Pontins and Blackpool, we've got quite a few concerts coupled with charity engagements - you can check on what's lined up on our up-dated Forthcoming Events page.  We've had two engagements of a different kind while we've been away - Jeff Bell (euphonium) got engaged to Caroline Jackson and whilst on holiday Sarah Jawad (Eb bass) became engaged to John - our congratulations go to both happy couples.
Bandroom News 07.08.01


It was brought to our attention after rehearsal tonight that yesterday, 4th July 2001, our illustrious Solo Eb Bass player, Anthony Taylor, was the 5000th visitor to our site.   We almost missed it!  We calculate that we have had in excess of 37 visits per day since coming on line on 25th February 2001!  THANK YOU.

Bandroom News 05.07.01


Fishburn Band supporter, Judy Tyler, is doing a sponsored walk from Fishburn to Durham Miners Gala on Saturday, 14 July 2001 to help raise some much needed funds for the band.  If you would like to help sponsor this event by making a contribution, why not come along to the band's pre-Gala concert in Fishburn Workingmen's Club on Friday, 13 July or telephone Audrey Gill on 01429 297019 for further details.
Bandroom News 30.06.01


Following on from a successful evening at the Empire, Consett with Simone Rebello as guest soloist, Fishburn Band are off to Brighouse on Sunday (1 July) to play in a March and Hymn Tune contest.  The brief march will set the band in good stead for the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday, 14 July 2001.  As usual, friends of the band can come along to the pre-Gala concert in Fishburn Workingmen's Club on Friday, 13 July which starts at 8.15 pm. 

Bandroom News 28.06.01


Congratulations go to Fishburn Band's President - Tony Blair - on his recent landslide victory in the General Election.  Mr Blair has been linked with Fishburn Band for a number of years and first became the Band's President when MP for Fishburn's neighbouring village, Sedgefield.  
Bandroom News 11.06.01

There was an exciting race to the finish for the teams in Fishburn Band's Fantasy Football League.  In the end the main prize went to Bari Town managed by Neil Parkin who led the rest with 334 points, in second place was FTM run by Paul Tallentire with 324 points, third place went to Downouts Dlsb with Simon Burrell/Dave Long on 307 points closely followed on 306 points by Homers Donuts led by Neil SimpsonBlacksedge United managed by Ronnie Bannister and Keith Todd (who went AWOL just after the start of the season) got the wooden spoon but showed their potential in the FA Cup competition coming second to Paul Tallentire's FTM.  In the League Series 'lucky' Paul Tallentire managed another prize coming runner up to Simon and Dave's Downouts Dlsb
Bandroom News 29.05.01


Over the Bank Holiday weekend our website reached the dizzy heights of 4000 visitors.  Thanks again to visitors old and new and to those who have left messages either in the Guestbook or direct to us via e-mail.

Bandroom News 28.05.01


Unfortunately we will not be going to the Whit Friday March contest this year as 12 of the band are missing on that date (8 June) due to work commitments.  A few members will still be heading for one of the villages involved (such as Delph or Uppermill) for a social evening, whilst others have already been snapped up by other bands to assist on the circuit.  Not to attend was a difficult decision to make as we have had quite a bit of success over the last couple of years.  We even managed to fit in 11 villages one year (mind you our bus did take a short-cut and we entered one contest via a bridal path - well it did look like a minor road on our map) and all without the aid of a leather-clad, motorbike riding 'runner' as used by the YBS "don't you know who we are" band who we ran into last year........ah, happy days! 

Bandroom News 21.05.01


Another target reached - we passed the 3500 visitors mark today.  The next event for the band is a joint concert alongside Simone Rebello (with John Roberts as guest conductor) to be held at the Empire Theatre, Consett on 23.6.01 starting at 7.30 pm (tickets are priced at £4 adults/£3 concessions and are available from Band Members, Box Office (01207 218171) or pay at the door.  We then have our sights set on travelling to Brighouse on 01.07.01 for a contest (march and hymn tune) before it will be 'all systems go' for our annual pre Durham Gala concert in Fishburn on Friday, 13.07.01 (8.15 pm start) before the main event itself on Saturday, 14.07.01.  There's no peace for the wicked!

Bandroom News 15.05.01


Fishburn attained their best placing at the Grand Shield contest on Saturday finishing 10th.  Having played a well-shaped, poised, musical performance with excellent solo features, members were hoping for a much higher placing, but it wasn't to be - the men in the box on the day prefering an 'up-tempo' rendition.  It means that Fishburn Band will gain automatic qualification into the 2002 Grand Shield.
Bandroom News 07.05.01


Congratulations for the month of April go to Ging Gang Gillys, managed by John and Malcolm Gill (brothers in spirit only, usually brandy!).  With 51 points they held on to win by one point from First Time Utd run by Ashley Durrant and Patrick Garner.  It's tight at the top of the league with only limited matches to go - Bari Town (Neil Parkin) have 304 points, followed by FTM (Paul Tallentire) on 303.
Bandroom News 07.05.01 


Another cause for celebration - the Fishburn Band 'award winning' website reached a total of 3000 hits on 2.5.01 - a great achievement and better than we ever anticipated.  The next outing for the band is  the Grand Shield on Saturday - will the 'skinny-dipping' team be resurrected following the results........watch this space!
Bandroom News 03.05.01


Unfortunately two contests due to be held in July have been cancelled - the march contest at the Northumberland Miners Gala at Ashington has been called off due to the foot and mouth crisis and because of sponsorship withdrawal, the York March Contest will not take place.  Let's hope the organisers of both events are able to  go ahead in 2002.
Bandroom News 01.05.01

We are in the enviable position of having too many cornets for the contest stage (a problem that a lot of bands would love to have)!!!  Andy Nicholson and Peter Andrews (second cornets) stepped down for the Area and Simon Burrell and Audrey Gill (third cornets) have 'volunteered' to be Fishburn cheerleaders at the Grand Shield (Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud of our 'rotation system')!  It's a well known fact that it's more nail-biting to watch the band in action rather than take part on stage - heroes don't come much bigger than Fishburn's back-row (ask Andy)!!

Bandroom News 30.04.01


Our award winning Bass Section have won another prize, although it's only silver this time, as they are the second section in the band to complete their Personal Profiles.  Well done to Anthony, Sarah, Ronnie, Colin and Len.  Watch this space to see who wins the bronze!
Bandroom News 29.04.01


A big thank you to all our 'regulars' and new visitors who have helped boost the site to a record 2500 hits since February 2001.  A new addition to the site over the weekend has been the inclusion of some individual photographs alongside player profiles.  Although the snaps are only about five years old, its amazing to see how people have changed (for better or worse).   I think the camera will have to come out at our next contest, the Grand Shield so at least more up-to-date mugshots can be included!!!  Also check out our CD Reviews page which has been updated with the most recent contribution by Philip Morris for the British Bandsman.

Bandroom News 22.04.01


While our regular 'man in the middle' has a well deserved break, we welcome back Roger Payne to the band.  Roger has in the past been Fishburn's resident conductor and he was more than willing to 'stand in' for a few rehearsals on one of his favourite test pieces 'Epic Symphony'.  Ian will be back next week and will be refreshed and ready for Fishburn's Grand Shield appearance.
Bandroom News 15.04.01


We've reached another milestone today, 7 April 2001, 2000 hits to the website.  It has become apparent after reading e-mails and guestbook entries and from comments made during conversations that we have quite a few 'regulars' who like to keep popping into our site to see what's new at Fishburn Band.   We will of course keep updating our pages so that it continues to be of interest to all our visitors.  Thanks again.
Bandroom News 07.04.01


Congratulations for Manager of the Month (March) goes to Bari Town (Neil Parkin) and Keith Grays Got Nee Hair (John Youll) who both attained 31 points.   It was a good result for John who only took over the team mid-season due to the original manager leaving.  Neil is now pushing for top spot and is only 10 points behind league leader FTM managed by Paul Tallentire.
Bandroom News 06.04.01


Congratulations to our percussion section - they have won the race to be the first section in the band to have the sign "under construction" removed from their web page by getting their player profiles in!   Well done, Kevin, Ashley, Rachel and Carole.   Who will be next?......watch this space!
Bandroom News 31.03.01


We've reached the dizzy heights of 1500 visitors to our website today (26.3.01).   A big thank you to those who have left e-mails and guestbook comments - we hope you will continue to keep coming back and seeing what's new with the band.  The four weeks since opening have been very busy for Fishburn Band and we are now concentrating our efforts on Epic Symphony for the Grand Shield at Blackpool.   
Bandroom News 26.03.01


This has been quite a week for Fishburn Band - on Sunday we became North of England Champions when we won the Area Contest and on Monday we attained 1000 hits on our website.  We have now been notified that we have won another award.  The IAWMD (the International Association of Web Masters and Designers) have reviewed our website and we have been awarded the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award which is proudly displayed on our Homepage. Not bad for a website that was only officially opened on 25.2.01 - I knew all those sleepless nights would be worthwhile!!!

Bandroom News 22.03.01


We have reached the 1000 mark for visitors to our website today (19.3.01) having only 'opened for business' on 25.2.01.   The surge in visitors over the past couple of days could be due, in part, to our magnificent win at the Area Contest on Sunday, 18.3.01.  Thanks go to those who have left their congratulations via the guestbook or sent e-mails direct - they are very much appreciated.  Here's to reaching 1500!!!!!

Bandroom News 19.03.01


Didn't we do well - it was a long time coming (the last time in 1995), but Fishburn are once again the North of England Champions (beating EYMS into 2nd place with Ever Ready coming 3rd) and winning the Colin Frater Memorial Cup for best soprano, Malcolm Usher and the Doug Cairns Trophy for best bass section.  Doug was previously a member of Fishburn Band and was delighted to hand the award to Sarah Jawad, Anthony Taylor, Colin Dixon and Len Potts.  It will now be all systems go planning another trip to London - we'll be very surprised though if Stewart doesn't have a plan of action ready for our next rehearsal on Thursday!!

Bandroom News 19.03.01


The Fishburn Band website was officially opened on 25.02.01 and in less than two weeks we've already had over 500 visitors, with many complimentary comments being made via e-mail and guestbook entries.  Here's looking forward to the 1000 mark!

Bandroom News 10.03.01


Congratulations for Manager of the Month (February) go to First Time United.  The 'lucky' managers are Ashley Durrant and Patrick Garner - otherwise known as the Venables and Robson of the Fishburn Fantasy League.  Their monthly points total of 38 has also miraculously lifted them off the bottom of the table, leaving Blacksedge United (managed by Ronnie Bannister and Keith Todd - alias Houllier and Evans) hoping to do the same in March.
Bandroom News 10.03.01


Stewart Wilson (Fishburn Band's Mr Social) has been organising again - this time a 70's night is planned for Saturday 3rd March at Bowburn Hall, Durham.  Allegedly, Paul and Katherine Kerry together with Sue and Clive Parker will be transforming themselves into Abba and quite a few other band members will be airing their flares!!!!!

Bandroom News 25.02.01


Recent signings by Fishburn Band appear to be following a theme - at Christmas Paul White joined the trombone section and the beginning of February saw husband and wife team, John and Andrea White, come onto the cornet bench.  It seems that 'the Whites' are trying to take over the strong-hold currently held by 'the Gills' in Fishburn Band (John and Audrey Gill and Malcolm and Helen Gill), not to mention 'the Bells' (Carole, Frank and Jeff Bell).   However, it hasn't put off other players coming - Peter Andrews also signed for Fishburn at the beginning of February.
Bandroom News 25.02.01

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