Letter to British Bandsman from Stewart Wilson:

28th June 2002.

British Bandsman.

I as a long standing member of Fishburn Band of some 34years was disgusted to read the again one sided article last week in the Bandsman entitled "Tom is no longer a Trustee" To set the record straight, I would like to on a personal level point out a few relevant points.

Firstly Tom Ruecroft ceased to be a member and player with the band approx. 20 years ago, he was asked to become a Trustee by me in line with Constitutional requirements, and which I assumed would be an honour for him, this was done along with two other individuals some 10 years ago. The latter two members have contributed greatly to the band in those years until the sad death of one them, last year. However In that time although he states to the contrary Tom has never been actively involved within the bands operation, nor did he participate in any way other than attend the AGM once a year, and for you to intimate otherwise is complete rubbish.

The band progressed like most do through the shear hard work of it's members over the years, and speaking as one of those who also started with the band in the fourth section I can attest to that fact. Again for you to say he helped build it to the band it is today is also nonsense, having left constructively as said some 20 years ago.

Since the incident at the area, I know that the band have not approached or sought to influence him in anyway as to how he should vote in any of the meetings he has attended regarding this matter. He has always voted as he saw fit, in both the disciplinary and appeal meetings and without hindrance or any intervention from us. I personally feel he should have abstained from any vote, as is normal practice, but at no time have the band personnel or I tried to influence his vote in anyway, a fact I know he can attest to.

He was removed from his position of Trustee, as he knows, due to actions and infringements of several rules as laid down in our Constitution. This is something that we as an Organisation are perfectly entitled to do. He was informed of his infringements and has been dealt with democratically (one of Tom's favourite words) on the matter as per the Constitution.
Tom was a party to the Constitution as a draft and had his role outlined within the Fishburn Band by me, a point conveniently forgotten along with several other facts.

The appeal for the band is up and coming and I personally feel that every attempt is being made by some individuals to try and influence the views of people who may be involved in it, I know those people are bigger than that.

I trust that Tom can move on with his life without Fishburn Band.

NOTE! These are my personal comments and in no way reflect any possible views of the Fishburn Band on this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Stewart H. Wilson.