The Band were very sorry to hear of John taking ill just prior to Xmas.  John was urgently admitted to Dryburn Hospital and spent Xmas in coronary care.  We are pleased to hear that his condition has improved and he has been transferred to Ward 4 of the hospital.  John is one of the longest serving members of the Band and is ever present at rehearsals.  We are sure that all those who know John will join with us in wishing him a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with John, his wife Margaret and their family at this time.
Bandroom News 27.12.03


The carol books have been put away, the collection tins are stored and now all that's left is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.   

Bandroom News 25.12.03


Well done to Jeff Bell - the pressure was on but you didn't disappoint - congratulations on becoming visitor number 50000, a truly magnificent total.  Once again we've been updating the site to give it a more 'festive feel' in the run-up to Christmas.  Thanks for your kind words and comments via e-mail and the Guestbook - we're glad that our hard work in maintaining the site is appreciated.  No doubt Jeff will be celebrating his success tonight with one or two renditions of his new favourite carol in the style of a Bavarian waltz...marvellous!

Bandroom News 16.12.03


Fishburn Band's ten-piece were part of a Service held in St Catherine's Church on Sunday, 7 December 2003, to commemorate 30 years since the closure of the local colliery.  Tonight, Tuesday, 9 December 2003, sees another small group of players performing around the Christmas Tree on the Village Green - carols start at 7 pm.  Another important date in our diary is Friday, 12 December 2003 - why not come along and hear Fishburn Band in concert in the local Workingmen's Club, starting at 8.15 pm.  

Bandroom News 09.12.03


Another good performance by the band on Sunday, 30 November resulted in a prize winning 6th place at the inaugural Scottish Open Brass Band Championships held in the excellent Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.   This was a very good result for the band amongst top quality competition, particularly after being drawn number 4 resulting in an early morning start (and an 8 am rehearsal)!   We had two welcome guests in our ranks for the event and our thanks go to both Paul Durham (Bb Bass) and Martin Armstrong (Solo Horn) for their contribution to our performance.   The test piece chosen was the difficult 'Paganini Variations' by Philip Wilby which was enjoyed by both audience and performers alike.  The adjudicators were Dr Robert Childs, Ian Brownbill and Stephen Roberts.  Click here to read their remarks on our performance and also view the full results.  The weekend in Glasgow also provided the band with another opportunity to socialise and a good time was had by all.   So it's preparation time for our Christmas programme of events, with concerts and carolling beckoning!

Bandroom News 02.12.03


The run's been broken.  Yes,  'Double Trouble Plus 1' have missed out on the Manager of the Month prize for the first time since the beginning of the season.  The Victor for the Month of November is 'Bari Town' managed by Neil Parkin with an excellent total of 54 points.  Runners-up spot went to 'Who Are Ya?' managed by Neil Simpson with 45 points.  So, will Double Trouble recover from their set back? Click here to see how things are 'hotting up'.

Bandroom News 02.12.03


Jeff, you should get out more...but, I'm glad that you don't as once again you've earned your place as the bookies favourite.  Congratulations on being visitor number 49000 on Friday.  You're right when you say the next 000 will be a huge victory for someone but you'll have stiff competition.  However, my 'dodgy prediction' (obviously been reading 4BarsRest again) is that Jeff Bell's the main man to anyone brave enough to take him this space.

Bandroom News 29.11.03


Extra rehearsals are well under way as we prepare for the Scottish Open this coming weekend (Sunday, 30 November 2003).  It is also great to welcome back one of our old players, Martin Armstrong to the band who will be playing Solo Horn at the Contest.  Also helping us out will be Paul, Bb Bass from Langbaurgh and our newest member of the band, Gavin, who will play Second Cornet, alongside Tom Soron, at his first contest.

Bandroom News 26.11.03


Congratulations to Phil Rosier who logged on last weekend and managed to beat all other contenders to become visitor number 48000.  Phil has conducted the band in Graham's absence and has played for us on many occasions.  Most recently he played E Flat Bass during the recording of our CD 'Aurora', which is due for release next month.  Well done once again.

Bandroom News 16.11.03


Another lucky month for Double Trouble Plus One, as the 'Gill Boys' once again (third time in a row) scooped the prize for Manager(s) of the Month for October.  We're going to have to read the rule books, I'm sure there should be a limit on the number of people managing a team (straw-clutching me thinks)!!

Bandroom News 01.11.03


It is with regret we report that Solo Horn Player, Jillian, has decided to leave the Band and is joining her husband, Colin, at North East rivals Ever Ready Band.  Jillian's last engagement with the Band was at the Pontins Contest last weekend at which the Band gained a very creditable 3rd placing amongst good quality competition.  Jillian, who has been a member of the Band since 1999, is a featured soloist on our new CD 'Aurora' and regularly displayed her soloistic abilities during our concerts.  The Band wish Jillian well in her new ventures and will no doubt keep in close contact.

Bandroom News 31.10.03


While the band were away enjoying themselves at Pontins, Kieran and I took the opportunity to lay claim to being visitor number 47000!  A bit sneaky, but there you go.  Who'll be this space.

Bandroom News 30.10.03


We are pleased to announce a new cornet player has joined - Tom Soron.  Tom,  who was previously at Cockerton Band, played at the recording of our new CD.  After signing, we soon put him to work and he has had a hand in designing the front cover of 'Aurora', alongside Fishburn Band's newly discovered photographic expert, Neil Simpson.  We hope Tom has a long and happy association with Fishburn and he plays Second Cornet at his first contest at the weekend, Pontins, Prestatyn.

Bandroom News 21.10.03


Nice try Jeff, but unfortunately you are not allowed to lay claim to being visitor number 46000, just because you missed out by 8 hits!  So, well done to our mystery visitor and better luck next time Jeff.

Bandroom News 06.10.03


They've done it again!  Another lucky month for Double Trouble Plus One as Malcolm, John & Kieran Gill scoop Manager(s) of the Month for September.  This time, hot on their tails, was Horn End United, managed by John Youll and Steven Hardy, who had second highest points for the month. 

Bandroom News 30.09.03


Concert - Mickleton Village Hall, Saturday, 27 September 2003 starting at 8 pm (not 20.9.03).  We look forward to seeing you all there.


Why not come along to hear Fishburn Band in concert at Mickleton Village Hall on Saturday, 27 September 2003.  Starting at 8 pm, it'll give you all a chance to hear some of the tracks from our new CD and pre-book your copy before the Christmas rush!  An ideal present for your loved ones.  Tickets are £5 (free entry for Patrons).

Bandroom News 16.09.03


He's back...Paul 'Foxy' White has soon got his finger on the pulse and claimed visitor number 45000 for the trombone section today.  What's happened to the bookies' favourite, Jeff?  Too much individual tuition holding you back...come on, better luck next time!
Bandroom News 16.09.03


It was a lucky start to the season for Double Trouble Plus One, run by John and Malcolm Gill, as they picked up the first honours as Manager(s) of the Month for August.  We have a new team in our midst this season, 'Legs & Co', managed by Helen Gill and Caroline Bell.  Unfortunately we have also lost one team, FTM  managed by Paul Tallentire, who couldn't make it to the auction.  Why not check out all the teams and their managers from the Homepage.

Bandroom News 14.09.03


It came as a great shock to everyone in the band to hear of the tragic death of Colin Johnson.  Many of our members had known Colin for many years, with many of us having played alongside Colin in other bands prior to joining Fishburn.  Our thoughts and condolences at this very difficult time go out to his wife, Fiona and their two young children.  We understand that Colin's funeral will be taking place at 12.30 pm on Thursday, 11 September at St Mary's Church, Barnard Castle and a massed band will play at the Service.

Bandroom News 08.09.03


Well done to our Solo E Flat Bass player, Anthony Taylor (aka the Singing Bucket) who claimed a victory for the bass section by beating everyone to the 44000 visitor mark on Wednesday, 27 August 2003.  Obviously Jeff being off-colour has affected his website input of late, but there's no excuse for Steve who could have claimed three-in-a-row.  Anyway, that's one on the board for the basses, but who'll be next.  Watch this space...

Bandroom News 01.09.03


As usual, the sun was shining as we visited Troon on Saturday, 23 August for their annual Land O'Burns Entertainment Contest.  We came away with 4th place and the welcome £400  in prize money will at least help towards the cost of the coach.  Thanks to Tim Pratt, Vicki Lundberg and Alex Lewis who helped us out.  Also, it was great timing by two of our own members, John White and Steven Hardy, who both returned from their separate hols to be roped into playing, not in their usual  positions (with John slumming it on the back-row and Steven trying his hand out on percussion), at the last minute.  What team work.  You can check out the remarks of adjudicator Alan Hope that are now on the website.   Apart from the early start, Troon is always a good day out and it was great to meet up with our old friends from Freckleton, who felt that they'd done enough to also be in the prizes.  This year the honours went to Kirkintilloch, with Whitburn being named as runners-up.

Bandroom News 26.08.03


That's it for another year - our hols are well and truly over and normal service has been resumed!  So what've we missed over the last two weeks - well it seems that a good time was had by all at Caroline and Jeff's wedding.  No doubt we'll be putting the photographic evidence on the website very soon.  Also our First Horn player, Steve Hardy, got back into the groove and took the opportunity of Jeff being on his honeymoon to claim the title of being visitor number 43000 on Sunday, 3rd August.  Well done.  So what's next on our agenda?  We're all back in the bandroom today rehearsing for our entertainment contest at Troon on Saturday, 23rd August 2003.

Bandroom News 10.08.03


Looks like Steve Hardy our First Horn player took the glory of becoming visitor number 43000 while our usual suspect, Jeff Bell, was otherwise engaged (on honeymoon)!!!  That's two in a row for Steve - well done.

Bandroom News 03.08.03


It's wedding day celebrations once again this weekend as two of our players tie the knot.  Solo Baritone player, Caroline Jackson and Jeff Bell (Solo Euphonium) are getting married on Saturday, 26 July 2003 at Sedgefield and the band, plus some guest players, will be performing during the service.  Here's wishing them both a long and happy life together.
Bandroom News 23.07.03


Well done Steve Hardy, Fishburn's First Horn.  It's been a while, but it was worth the wait, as he's beaten hot favourites, Jeff and Paul, to become visitor number 42000 on 14 July 2003.  He's also thrown the gauntlet down to the others to be the first to the next milestone.  Thanks once again to everyone for helping to keep our website head and shoulders above the rest.
Bandroom News 15.07.03


Once again, a good time was had by all at this years Durham Miners Gala.  The sun was shining and the crowds were out in force.  Fishburn turned out one of its biggest bands with help from some of our former members, such as Keith Todd, Colin Exley and Frank Bell and once again our friends from Sandhurst Silver Colin Tarry and Chris Bowser made the long trek to play their part.  Thanks must go to our friends and supporters from Fishburn Workingmen's Club who made us more than welcome again and provided a brilliant buffet for our return to the Club.  Special thanks also to Tot Craggs who led the band throughout the day - let's hope that Billy gets back to full fitness very soon.  We'll be putting the photos on the website over the next couple of days.

Bandroom News 14.07.03


Congratulations to our Eb flat Bass player, Sarah Jawad who marries John Waters today (5.7.03) at Ferryhill.  A small number of the band will be playing at the church service but then we'll all be partying the night away at Spennymoor Town Hall.  Our love and best wishes go to the couple for a long and happy life together.

Bandroom News 05.07.03


Well it looks that Paul 'Foxy' White recovered the quickest from the stag weekend at Dublin, as he was on form to beat everyone to the 41000 visitor milestone on Tuesday, 1 July 2003.  It's been a while since Paul managed to get his name on our 'role of honour' - obviously Jeff was still suffering from his weekend away.  Well done and thanks to everyone for keeping our site at number 1.

Bandroom News 02.07.03


Hope you weren't anywhere near Leeds and Dublin at the weekend as both Sarah Jawad and Jeff Bell went off on their 'hen' and 'stag' weekends.  Picture evidence of Sarah's good time is now on the site (click here to view) - not sure if we can print anything from Jeff's but we've heard that a good time was had by all, other than Patrick starting and finishing the weekend off with a tour of the UK's airports...young 'uns!

Bandroom News 01.07.03


Well done to Jeff Bell, king of the hits and the bookies favourite - he threatened to do it and he left all in his wake as he reached the target of 40000 hits on the website on 18.06.03!  Thanks to all our visitors, new and old, for helping to keep Fishburn Band's website Number 1.
Bandroom News 22.06.03


We're more than pleased to announce that we have found ourselves a flugel horn player, right under our noses!  Patrick Garner has moved from the front row cornet bench onto flugel and had a baptism of fire as he just got his lip in in time to record our new CD last weekend.  Featuring in many of the tracks, Patrick didn't let us down and we look forward to hearing the results towards the end of the year.  It was great working with Brian Hillson from B & H Sound Services again and everyone enjoyed the experience immensely - even Ashley was smiling!  Why not check out the photos from the weekend by clicking here.  Next on the agenda is Eggleston Carnival on Saturday, 21 June 2003 where the band will lead the parade, followed by a concert on the village green.   Starting at 1.30 pm, why not come along and meet the band.

Bandroom News 17.06.03


Well done, me bonny lad!  Just when we thought we'd cracked the code for getting to those magic numbers first, in goes yer eye out and Jeff's in for the kill hitting the 39000 mark on 1 June 2003!  Yes, our Principal Euphonium player, Jeff Bell, is back in form...not just his playing, but his canny knack (!) of reaching those illustrious 000 numbers.  The gauntlets are down ready for the next big one - 40000!  

Bandroom News 02.06.03


It's extra rehearsals all the way as we look to record our second CD over the weekend of 14 & 15 June 2003.  The pieces for inclusion are more or less finalised (apart from one solo item which is still 'in the post'), then it will be all systems go working once again with Brian Hillson from B & H Sound Services.  We are looking to release the CD in January 2004, to coincide with the band's 50th anniversary.

Bandroom News 02.06.03 


The football season has now drawn to a close with the final games being completed.  Our Fantasy Football League has also been completed and similar to last year, Ronnie Bannister and his team 'Blacksedge United' showed great consistency in winning all 3 competitions.  The prize-winners are:

Football League
Blacksedge United         399 Points
The Gill Brothers Twix        398 Points
Team Cornetto                   372 Points
FTM                                     318 Points

FA Cup
Blacksedge United         49 Points
Homers Donuts                  48 Points

League Series
Blacksedge United         33 Points
Never Here United             31 Points

Why not check out the full details by clicking here to visit our fantasy league pages, or clicking here to visit our football page.  Well done to everyone.  We'll be running the league again next year (looking forward to it already)!

Bandroom News 24.05.03


Not content with maintaining the BEST website in the WORLD, the Gill Gang rule OK as today we've beaten all to reach the target of 38000 hits...come on, Jeff, Steve and Co, what's your excuse this time?
Bandroom News 11.05.03


We are sad to report that the Grand Shield was the finale for two of our players,  Sue Parker (Flugel) and Colin Dixon (Bb Bass).  Thanks must particularly go to Sue for her dedication and hard work over the years, not only as a player but also as a long-term member of the Committee.  Colin is moving back up the road to our rivals Ever Ready again, but will no doubt be keeping in touch with what's happening in our bandroom as his wife, Jillian, remains on Solo Horn.   Sue's husband, Clive Parker (former Principal Euphonium), has also parted company with the band following a recent break.  We wish all the players well for the future.

Bandroom News 05.05.03


Extra rehearsals, hard work and commitment by everyone saw Fishburn Band gain its best ever result in a major national contest, by gaining fourth place in the prestigious Grand Shield contest on Saturday, 3 May 2003 playing Tallis Variations.  This is obviously another highlight for the band that ranks alongside our well celebrated win at Troon when we were also up against some fierce competition.  Carlton Main and Scottish Co-op (CWS) now go forward to the British Open in September by coming first and second respectively, with JAG Mount Charles guaranteeing a return to the Grand Shield in 2004 by being placed third, along with ourselves in fourth.  It was great to be in the Ballroom at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool to hear Fishburn get a mention from the podium.  Thanks to Graham O'Connor who shaped the piece to perfection (that must be worth a drink at least!) and worked as hard as ever to get the most from the playing members of the Band.  A huge thank you also to Rachel who travelled from London to help us out on tuned percussion.  Why not check out our remarks from adjudicators Bram Gay and James Williams MBE which are now on the website.

Bandroom News 05.05.03


The finishing line is in sight, but there's just time to let you know that once again, for the second month running, that marvellous partnership of Mal Usher and Audrey were 'lucky' enough to win Manager of the Month for April with their Team Cornetto.  In second place were Fishburn's horn duo of John Youll and Steve Hardy with their team, The Analisers.  In a couple of weeks we'll be able to let you know who's going to take the money for the 2002/2003 season - keep watching!

Bandroom News 03.05.03


Congratulations to our ex-front row cornet player, Vicky, who stopped our Solo Euphonium player, Jeff making it a 'treble', by nudging him out of the way to lay claim to being visitor number 37000 on our website on 23 April 2003.  It's great that Vicky still finds time to keep in touch via the website inbetween playing Soprano for her new band, Welwyn Garden City. 
Bandroom News 02.05.03


Only two weeks left in our run-up to the Grand Shield contest on 03.05.03.  The garden centres have been visited, easter eggs demolished and it's back in the bandroom tonight (Easter Monday) to get down to business.  As things stand, we go into this year's contest with 6 points, carried forward from our best ever result of 6th in last year's Grand Shield contest.  Once again, the bands placed first and second will move forward to play in the British Open in September so we're hoping that on Saturday, 3rd May we can improve on our great result of 2002 (and it will stop Mr Webmaster moaning about missing Hartlepool 'clinch' the Nationwide Division 3 title at Rushden & Diamonds)!!

Bandroom News 21.04.03 


We welcome Rachel back to the Band in preparation for the forthcoming Grand Shield Contest in Blackpool on the test piece 'Tallis Variations' by Philip Sparke.  Rachel, our 'tuned percussionist' has been living in Central London studying for a Music Degree at Kings College, University of London, whilst continuing to take further tuition in percussion at the Royal Academy of Music.  She is currently on leave for the Easter period and has been a welcome return to the percussion section.

Bandroom News 15.04.03


We have once again been given the honour of being awarded the Golden Web Award for 2003 ~ 2004 which is "presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition". This award gives us the motivation to continue to constantly update and modernise the site ensuring a topical and enjoyable experience for our regular and occasional visitors.

Bandroom News 15.04.03


There'll be plenty of celebrating in Spennymoor and Bowburn this month as two of our colleagues have birthdays in April - namely percussionist Kevin Franey and that wise old owl of the Committee, Stewart Wilson.  Thought we might bake you a combined cake, but candles don't come in packs of 100 plus...sorry!

Bandroom News 07.04.03


Jeff Bell's managed to make it a 'double' as once again he's took the honours on Monday, 31 March 2003 to become visitor number 36000!  Thanks once again to all our visitors, both new and our 'regulars'. 

Bandroom News 31.03.03


Congratulations go to Team Cornetto with Mal Usher and Audrey being crowned (if that's the word for it) Managers of the Month for March.  Second place this time were John and Mal Gill who have also managed to scrape their way back to the top of the League.  Obviously Ronnie had other things on his mind following a spell in hospital - we wish him well and we know that very soon he'll be studying the form in readiness for another surge to the top.

Bandroom News 30.03.03


Our Principal Euphonium player, Jeff Bell, has managed to beat off the oposition to become visitor number 35000 on Monday, 17.03.03.  Obviously Stevie and Anthony were still gobstruck after the contest results on Sunday but Jeff, however, was soon back in the groove with Prague out of the way and my faith in him has at last been rewarded.  Well done Jeff, you've made an old woman very happy!

Bandroom News 18.03.03 (AG)


Oh well, it wasn't to be.  Another stirling performance gone unrewarded, this time by adjudicator Steve Sykes.  Congratulations to Ever Ready and EYMS who claimed the top two placings at the Area contest on Sunday, 16 March 2003.  A few of our members heard both bands and along with comments by many unconnected to any of the top three bands, perhaps Ever Ready should be feeling a little lucky on making the trip this year.  However, we're not bitter (well, not much) and that's how it goes sometimes.  Along with our third place we were rightly awarded the Tim Holmes Memorial Cup for Best Principal Cornet, which went to our very own John 'Webmaster' Gill, who played a difficult and technical, high solo part without the Soprano having to come to his rescue (as with many at the weekend)!  Well done to everyone; we've got a welcome break from rehearsals on Thursday then it's back in the bandroom on Sunday as we start work on the Grand Shield test piece.

Bandroom News 17.03.03 (AG)   


Good to see that young Steve Hardy, Fishburn's First Horn, is back in the groove (obviously taking a break from his studies and rehearsing Prague) to become visitor number 34000 on Thursday, 6 March 2003.   My money was on Jeff (again), who showed so much promise back in the 20000's, but once again has let me down badly - must try harder!
Bandroom News 08.03.02  


We've got four people with birthdays this month (March) - Keith Hepworth, Paul White, Billy Elliott and Neil Simpson.  Paul White's birthday is the same day as the Area Contest, 16th March, so we're hoping that it'll be a double celebration as we win our second contest of the year!
Bandroom News 01.03.03


It's good to see that Paul Tallentire isn't wasting his time while having a break from the band, as his team FTM has romped home to win him the Manager of the Month title for February with a glorious 52 points.  Ronnie and his Blacksedge United could only manage second place this time.  Perhaps Howard Wilkinson should give Paul a ring for some tips!
Bandroom News 28.02.03


Changes in Band Officials following AGM:   General Secretary - Len Potts (Neil Parkin remains as a Committee Member).  New Committee Member - Paul White (replacing Paul Tallentire).

Bandroom News 25.02.03


John Milgate is the newest recruit to our ranks.  John will be playing Solo Trombone for Fishburn Band at the Dolphin Centre, Darlington for the North of England Championships next month.  Let's hope our good start to 2003 continues.  Also, good luck to Graham O'Connor for Saturday, 1st March as he conducts Hatfield Coal Power in the Second Section of the Yorkshire Area.

Bandroom News 25.02.03


It is sad to report the death of a great friend and stalwart of the North East brass band movement, Mr Jack Midgley, aged 82 years, on Friday, 21 February 2003, following a brief spell in hospital.  Many will know Jack from his time as player and Secretary of Head Wrightson Works Band (Middlesbrough Brass/Yarm & District) and as Vice President of the Durham County Brass Band Association.  His funeral will be held at 2 pm on Thursday, 27 February 2003 at the Salvation Army Temple, Park Road, Hartlepool.  A real gentleman, our thoughts are with his wife, Margaret at this very sad time.
Bandroom News 23.02.03


Any chances of Anthony Taylor making it a hat-trick of successes have been scuppered by Michael Duncan who plays tenor horn for Chester-le-Street Riverside Brass.  Michael made it through the 33000 hit barrier today (18.02.03) while visiting our site and kindly left a 'good luck' message for the Area on our Guestbook.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support - it's looking good for the website's 2nd birthday next week on 25.02.03!

Bandroom News 18.02.03


Starting at 8.30 pm, Fishburn Band will be performing at Trimdon Colliery Club on Friday, 21 February 2003.  This is a band fundraising event - tickets will be available at the door and a raffle will be held during the evening.  Hope to see you all there. 
Bandroom News 17.02.03


Well done to Anthony Taylor (our Solo Eflat Bass player) who manged to make it two in a row to break through the 32000 visitor barrier on Tuesday, 04.02.03.   No doubt our superb win at the Durham League has brought a few more visitors to our site.  Next thing on the agenda for the band is a concert at Trimdon Colliery and then its eyes down and counting heads on for an encounter with Prague, the test piece for the North of England Championships. 

Bandroom News 05.02.03


Fishburn took the honours at the Durham League Contest at Spennymoor today, beating local rivals Ever Ready into 2nd place with Broughtons 3rd.  Individual prizes were also awarded to Fishburn for Best Trombone, Mal Gill and Best Soprano, Mal Usher.  Ever Ready won Best Percussion.  Congratulations to everyone who took part today, with special mention to Anthony Taylor for an excellent rendition of the Eflat Bass solo.  We'll be putting the adjudicator's remarks on the site over the next couple of days.

Bandroom News 02.02.03


Celebrating this month - February - will be John Youll (horn) and Patrick Garner (cornet).  Another special birthday on 25th February will be our award winning Fishburn Band website - only two years old and still managing to keep a large turn over of old and new visitors, due to regular updates keeping it fresh and topical.  Watch out over the next couple of weeks for a new page with web poll - Guess Who the Baby is!  It's amazing to see how some have never changed (or grown up) but a few will keep you guessing.

Bandroom News 02.02.03


Sunday's rehearsal saw the welcome return of Patrick Garner to the band.  Patrick has returned to live and work in the North East and will be playing second cornet for the band at the Durham League contest this weekend.

Bandroom News 29.01.03


Fishburn's 'Singing Bucket', alias Anthony Taylor, has beaten the 'usual suspects' to take the website over the 31000 visitor milestone on Monday, 20.01.03.  That's another notch on the belt of the bass section.  Well done to everyone and thanks for your continued support.
Bandroom News 21.01.03      


New on the website for January 2003 is a list of band members and associates' birthdays.  Celebrating this month (January) will be Frank Bell and Graham O'Connor.  Not sure what their combined ages amount to, but anyway we've got the fire extinguishers ready at the bandroom for the candles on Graham's birthday cake...only joking!!  We've also got band members searching for their long-lost baby photographs - once sorted, we'll be putting them on the site to keep everyone guessing who's who. 

Bandroom News 17.01.03


Thanks to all our Patrons for your continued support - for those new members, the first Newsletter of 2003 will be coming to you before the end of January.

Bandroom News 15.01.03


The carol books and collection boxes have been put away now and we can report that we've had our best year ever!  Who'd have thought that sitting in a trolley park could be so much fun...was it the ginger wine or Jeff's inspired choice of carol with a Bavarian swing!  Either way, it's back in the bandroom rehearsing Journey Into Freedom for the Durham League on 02.02.03 at Spennymoor Leisure Centre.  Due to building work being carried out at the venue, there will be a pre-draw on Saturday, 18.01.03 as a one-off solution to the lack of space.

Bandroom News 07.01.03


Congratulations to Ronnie Bannister and his team 'Blacksedge United' who were the team of the month for December with a total of 50 points.  Joint runners-up with a very close run 49 points were Mal Usher and Audrey with their team 'Team Cornetto' and John and Mal Gill with their team 'The Gill Brothers Twix'.  Keep a watch on the league and make sure you check out the League Series, European and FA Cup Competitions by visiting Fishburn Fantasy Football League

Bandroom News 04.01.03

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