British Open Brass Band Championship
83rd Spring Festival ~ Grand Shield
Blackpool Winter Gardens
3rd May 2003

Tallis Variations
Philip Sparke (2000)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:Bram Gay

Very good controlled opening and figure 14 on is so well balanced and a fine ending.

Figure 31. (Variation 1)  Excellent tempo and all so well played.  Excellent dynamic control at figure 55 on.  Good definition throughout.

Figure 134. Musical direction very evident at all times.  Very fine.

Figure 211.  A little insecure going into figure 211 but Quasi cadenza's are well done.  Meno Mosso, very fine Cornet.  Good shape.

Figure 234.  Piu Mosso,  Very good sound and balance, to drama at figure 251/252.  Fine end.

Figure 262.  (Last Variation)  This is very good and just the right dynamic at figure 312.

Impressive throughout to a very fine controlled ending.

Thank you.


Adjudicator:James Williams

Good start - though steadier would give better definition ?

Figure 14.  Well done.  Mutes are very soft before figure 31.

Figure 55.  dynamics very well managed.  Genuine mf Horns.

Figure 107 pp! and notation of semi quaver/quavers defined!

Figure 146.  Dynamics are fine.  Flugel plays well.  Admirable stuff - never OTT, always within musical reason.

Figure 211.  Mutes are lovely.  Baritones not secure alas!

Figure 225  One of today's better Cornets. Thanks.

Figure 262 etc.  This is super playing really.  All under control and technically sound.

Triangle too soon!  Splendid ending.

One of the few conductors today who understood what is happening here and can bring it off.  Very well done indeed.


Position:4th out of 21
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