Pictures from Fishburn Band's CD Recording 14 & 15 June 2003
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Paul has a quick go at Hora Staccato
Break for lunch and enjoying the sun
Graham keeps the troops entertained
Andy keeps the girls amused
Don't drop me Jeff!
Graham explains how he will be conducting today....Kevin looks down from his plastic cage!
Which piece shall we play first?
Awaiting the sound checks
Waiting for Brian Hillson setting up the Mike positions....don't hit Ashley on the head!
Warming up on the 1st day
A deserved cuppa
Listening to the first takes
End of Day 1...where's the pub?
We can stand in this pose all day!
What are we all interested in?...See the next photo!
Helen enjoys the scintillating conversation
Kevin in his plastic cage...I'm a drummer, get me outa here!
Anyone good at the Krypton Factor?
That's it, we're done, it's a rap!
Our Recording Engineers from B & H Sound Services, Brian Hillson and his Assistant, Richard Sutcliffe
Look Lynne.....I've learnt how to sweep up!
Rachel and Carole help Kevin escape from the plastic cage....and do a dance of joy
Look everyone....I can stand on one leg!
Neil and Carole compete in the sweepstake
Pre-recording chat
The percussion section work out who plays what to make sure nothing is missed
Warming up on Day 2
Mal puts Paul in the shade
Graham looks overwhelmed....or is he just going to sneeze?
A well deserved break on Day 2
Another listen to the tracks
"But Graham, I need a microphone next to me at this point!"
Serious stuff this!
John Youll sits on the mixer and makes the Horns louder
What's first then?
Brian & Audrey - 'old' Friends Reunited!!
Here we go again!
Many thanks to our welcome guest players Tim, Dave, Tom and Phil
A final big thank you to our Sound Engineers Brian and Richard, and our guest players Tim, Dave, Tom and Phil.