The Scottish Open Brass Band Championship
30 November 2003

Paganini Variations
Philip Wilby (1991)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor
Contest Results
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Adjudicator:Dr Robert Childs

Intro:  Very good theme.  Precise, just the odd clip from Euphonium & Cornets.
Variation 1:  Again, little clips detract and Flugel a bit loud.
Variation 2:  Well detailed.
Variation 3:  Good Trombone.
Variation 4:  Neat
Variation 5:  Well done
Variation 6:  Committed Solos, unlucky Sop.
Variation 7:  Dovetails work well.
Variation 8:  Nice atmosphere.
Variation 9:  Good work Euphoniums & Baritones.
Variation 10:  Didn't start together.  Good canon Cornets & Trombones.
Variation 11:  Well done percussion!  Great Cornets.
Variation 12:  Good blend in Bass.   Bar 179, very good Eb's.
Variation 13: Some lapse in intonation in Horns.  (M)  Nice Euphonium, sweet as it should be.  Tubular bell & Band, poor ensemble at bar 214.
Variation 14:  Horn & Sop have tuning problems on top A's.  Generally good cadenza's.  Some notes dropped out before (O)  Nice Flugel if a little loud for 'pp'.  (P) I hear wrong notes!  Good Sop into (Q)  Nice atmosphere, good tom toms
Variation 15:  Exciting stuff.
Variation 16:  Noble and full of grandeur.  Well paced ending.

Excellent performance but there were some low points - but high moments were truly great.

Adjudicator:Ian Brownbill

Intro:  Very good opening, Theme firm - good effects into (B)
Variation I:  Just the odd blemish
Variation II:  Good detail.  Fine into Variation III:  Confident Trombone.
Variation IV:  Good detail - effective through to Variation V & VI: Just again, the odd blemish. 
Variation VII: Not always clean. 
Quite good at Variation VIII:  Lower Cornets could be a little 'warmer'
Well done Euphoniums & Baritones at Variation IX
Variation X: Slightly hesitant to start bolero.  Well done Cornets and Sop - good movement to this.
Variation XII:  No problems here.
Variation XIII:  Musical approach.  Just the odd untuneful moment.  (M)  Good balance.  Sweet Euphonium.  Bell & Band not 'always' together.  Tuning suffers a little at end of Euphonium Solo.  (N) Well played.  Intonation Horn & Sop?  Fine Cornet.  Sospirando:  Good effort Flugel - could be a little softer though - (Wrong note?)  Percussion a little strong at Allargando.  Confident Soprano leading into Doppio (Q) : Well balanced here - good effects.  Good build into (R):  has vigour!  Gutsy at (S):  Exciting - Great side drum.  Very good to close.  Thank you.

Adjudicator:Stephen Roberts

Clear opening.  Accompaniment to theme sometimes too loud.  Occasional blemish in Variation I. 
Sharp Eb in bass trombone bar 46, but good colours.
Variation III:  Solo Trombone enthusiastic!
Variation IV:  Is tidy
Variation VI: Not always clear.  (F)  Cornets do well but there are accents in the take over.
Variation VIII:  Lacks some tenderness.
Variation IX:  Is effective but Variation X could be better articulated.  Well done Cornets at (J) Variation XI. 
(K):  Good Bb Basses - and Eb's too!
(L) is overphrased in pp at start and some intonation blemishes.  Euphonium is sweet (Sharp Gb!)  Bad ensemble at pause.
Cadenza's pretty good  (2/3rd Cornets drop out in 226?)
Flugel is sweet.  (Wrong note at P?)  Yes we hear you at Allargando!!!  Percussion well balanced at (Q)
Lively build into (R) with good punch and drive.  Good quality sound at (S) if a little forced at 327-328

A good performance if somewhat uneven quality with good soloists and nicely judged colours and tempo's.

  1.Scottish Co-op
  3.Sellers Engineering
  7.Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen
  9.Besses o' th' Barn
11.Unison Kinneil
13.Kingdom Brass
14.Bo'ness & Carriden
15.Broxburn Public

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