Eb Bass                                                                                                                                    Peter Lavery

Peter ​joined the band originally in 1990-1994 but had to leave because of work commitment. He rejoined the Band in 2013 and states it is the best decision he has made in a long time as he is really enjoying his playing again.

Peter originally started playing the Clarinet at school, but he hated it. He then had a short stint on Euphonium but soon transferred to the Tuba, which he's continued to play most of his life.

Peter is a very experienced player having played in a number of bands over the years. Taught by Alf Hind, he started playing with Shildon BR Band in 1973, then on to Aycliffe Band, Cockerton Band, York Railway Institute, Northumbrian Police Band, GT Group Peterlee Band and then back to Fishburn.  He also played in Regular and Reserve Military bands for 23 years during this time.

Peter lists John Fletcher and Steve Sykes as players who have had a major influence on him, both being great Tuba players and showmen.

​Whilst away with the military band Peter put his 3 month old tuba in its case behind the truck transporting it, the driver left the hand brake off and the truck and rolled back over it. He was left with a very flat tuba. He did get a further brand-new tuba off the insurance though!

Eb Bass                                                                                                                                   David Conway

​David re-joined Fishburn in 2022 on Eb Bass, re-joining after a spell at Reg Vardy Band. He originally joined the band in 2017 where he quickly established himself in the Solo Euphonium seat and was a regular featured soloist with the band.

David started out in brass bands at an early age with the Felling Silver Band in Gateshead where his Grandfather was secretary. Briefly on Tenor Horn, then Flugel Horn and finally onto Euphonium, David played for Westoe Band and then Newcastle Brown Ale Band before taking a break of 10 years.

During that time David worked locally and nationally with a range of choirs as a Soloist, Choral Director and Vocal Coach. David returned to brass bands once again with Felling Band then NASUWT Riverside Band before joining Fishburn in 2017.

David is also a talented conductor and as well as conducting Fishburn on occasions, formerly conducted Murton Band and NASUWT Concert Band.

Away from bands, David works as Deputy Director at University of Sunderland.

​Bb Bass                                                                                                                                Gary Partington

Bb Bass                                                                                                                                     Michael Gray 

Bb Bass                                                                                                                                 Keith Hepworth

Keith joined the Band in October 2002.  Keith had already played as a guest player for the Band at concerts and since joining has established an excellent partnership with the other basses, improving the overall standard of the Band.

Keith is a very experienced player and has previously played for Head Wrightson Works Band (Middlesbro Brass/Yarm), British Steel Teesside Band and Peterlee Band.

Keith is married to Audrey and travels from Great Ayton to rehearsals.

Bb Bass                                                                                                                                 Trevor Bateman

​Trevor joined the Band in 2013, having formerly played for Easington Band.

Trevor learnt to play a brass instrument in 1968 whilst at school, learning  initially on Euphonium before progressing to Eb Bass 2 years later and subsequently honing his virtuosity in having the ability to play both Eb and Bb Bass.

Trevor is a very experienced player and has played for many bands.  His first Band was Cargo Fleet Band who he joined in 1971 remaining there for 10 years until he moved to Middlesbrough Brass in 1981.  He then joined Lingdale Silver in 1987, Rowntrees Band in 1991, Langbaurgh Brass also in 1991, followed in 1992 by a very successful period with the British Steel Teesside Band, where he remained for 7 years before rejoining Langbaurgh Brass in 1999 and subsequently Easington Band in 2007.

During his playing career, Trevor, whose favourite test piece is the excellent 'Paganini Variations' has played at some prestigious events, noting his first appearance at the National Finals in the Royal Albert Hall in 1994, and playing in the stage version of 'Brassed Off' at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, in 1999.

Trevor has his own Building Company and during his time at both Easington and Fishburn, has carried out remedial building works to both bandroom's, enhancing the quality of facilities for band members.  If you require any building work carrying out, please contact him via his e-mail address by clicking on his photograph.  We're sure you'll be impressed by his quality of work whilst offering value for money! 

Trevor is the Husband of our Cornet player Jayne.  They met at the Lingdale Contest in the Coatham Bowl, Redcar in 1986.  Love blossomed and they were married, subsequently having 2 great kids, Elizabeth (Better known as Wizz) and Elliott.  Wizz acquired their musical gene and became an excellent Trombone player, and was a member of Fishburn Band until leaving the area to study for her BMus Degree at the Royal Northern College of Music.  She has since settled in the Manchester area and works as a professional Trombone player.  Elliott has also outstanding skills, albeit unfortunately not in music.  He is an expert Unicyclist which is much more impressive!

Bb Bass                                                                                                                                             Tom Gray

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