Land O' Burns Invitation Contest,
25 August 2012

Conducted by Huw Thomas
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Adjudicator:Richard Evans


Clean and tight - good drive.  Rhythms are correct.

Little untidy in Flugel - but the energy is staying in the Band although you have taken some pace off the tempo.

Oblivion (Cornet Solo)

Lovely gentle flow to the music and the Soloist has a fabulous laid back style, this is so relaxed.

Stunning Soloist!!

Spanish Dance

Some very clean playing here.  And dynamically controlled.

Again so very clean cornet playing.  That was so interesting and musically well controlled.

Sueno (Dream)

The opening seemed rather imbalanced dynamically - it is important to connect with the listener almost immediately and this is not.  Not a good choice.

The Royal Hunt

This is a well Directed and prepared Band.  The Percussion are never allowed to over compensate!!

I'm waiting for a kind of climax or even an anti-climax in this very repetitive music - now I have it and the percussion wipe out the voices.  No sadly this did not enhance your super playing.

Richard Evans

25 August 2012