British Open Brass Band Championship
91st Spring Festival ~ Senior Cup
Blackpool Winter Gardens
14th May 2011

Symphonic Study No.2 for Brass Band
Peter Graham (1988)

Conducted by John Ward
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Marsden Silver (Glyn Williams)
Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel (David Nesbitt)
Seindorf Beaumaris (Gwyn Evans)
Aveley and Newham (Nigel Taken)
Friary Guildford Brass (Chris King)
Bo'ness and Carriden (Steve Sykes)
Co-operative Funeralcare Band (North West) (Jef Sparkes)
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East Yorkshire Motor Services (Alan Morrison)
Sovereign Brass (Jason Glynn)
Burry Port (Michael Thorne)
Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery (William Rushworth)

Best Instrumentalist: Glen Van Looy (Euphonium) - 
Seindorf Beaumaris

Top 4 bands promoted to the Grand Shield
Bottom 4 bands relegated to the Senior  Trophy.
Adjudicator:David Roberts

Controlled to open

A)  A few blips but good dynamics noted.  C)  Is controlled.  D)  Flows.  F)  Not overdone, Good Percussion

G)  Good dynamics.  I)  The worst two bars so far.  Horn is very good after early blip.

Unfortunate errors and hurried Euphonium.  J)  Lacks flow.

K)  Needs more style and shape.  A few too many little errors to L.

M)  Is better and nice link to N.  O)  Touch slow for me.  P)  Good Cornets.  Q)  Quite hurried.  R)  Rushes.

T)  Is better but not error free.  V)  Controlled but lacks excitement.  W)  Tiredness in Euphoniums etc.

Some good moments but a little plain overall.

Thank you.

David Roberts
14 May 2011.

Adjudicator:Derek Broadbent

Effective dynamics in the opening.  I do hear the detail to A.  Some scratchy moments spoilt but you settle down.

B)  Flows well - Pleasing Solo Cornet - well supported by all.

C)  Has energy - but I don't hear all the actual detail to D. - Nicely Cantabile - Controlled.

E-7)  Needs a little more time for all the notes to speak.  E)  Fine.

F)  Neat and tidy - I do hear the Percussion and you build well to G which drives along to H.  

Another build to MENO - Controlled to I - which isn't balanced or comfortable.

Horn Cadenza - Confidently played.  Chord to Eb Bass not secure, Cadenza stylish and leads well to Bb Bass.

Euphonium - Rather hurried and not quite error free. 

J)  Could perhaps flow a little more.  Soloists perform in style - I just miss that 'little extra'

K)  Nicely done.  L)  Has a full sound - I'd like the close to be a little more tender.

M)  Tasteful lower lines - well supported by all - with effective dynamics.

N)  Don't skimp the quavers in the tunes please.  O)  Takes time to settle - Percussion lacks clarity.

P)  Is lively - very lively.  Q)  Tends to hurry and I don't hear all the actual detail.  S)  still getting faster!!

T)  Not all the detail is heard to U.  Compact Ensemble here.

V)  Basses not as one with their quavers.  W)  Quite dynamic - nothing overdone.  3/4 fair.

Close lacks a bit of impact.

A performance that had good moments - but lacked in detail and style in places.

Thank you very much.

Derek Broadbent
14 May 2011.
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