British Open Brass Band Championship
89th Spring Festival ~ Senior Cup
Blackpool Winter Gardens
9th May 2009

Herbert Howells

Conducted by Alan Morrison
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Marsden Silver Prize (Ossett Brewery)  (Glyn Williams) 
Skelmanthorpe   (John Roberts)
Kingdom Brass   (Craig Anderson)
Burry Port   (Craig Roberts)
Fishburn   (Alan Morrison)
SWT Woodfalls   (Dr Nicholas Childs)
Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery   (Graham O'Connor)
Staffordshire   (Huw Thomas)
Bo'ness & Carriden    (Steve Sykes)
Ratby Co-operative   (Michael Fowles)
Ashton-under-Lyne   (Martyn Evans)
Dalmellington   (Archie Hutchison)
Cwmaman Institute Silver   (David Evans)
Stocksbridge   (Miles Davison)
United Co-op Crewe   (Jeff Sparkes)
Unison Kinneal   (Paul Drury)
Aldbourne   (Melvin White)
Bournemouth Concert Brass   (Jonathan Camps)
Knottingley Silver   (Dr Owen Wedgwood)
Lindley    (Nick Payne)
Adjudicator:Frank Renton

1. King's Herald

Good attempt to get the detail right - spoiled rather in bar 7.  It then progresses well.

5.+5 - If you are going to do this the cymbal clash in 5.+6 needs to be more dramatic.

Good to the end but last bar not quite right - the two notes need to be more equal.

2. Cortege.

Good Soloists - Not always as even and majestic as a Cortege might be.

Not always rhythmically exact.  Good finish - Well done everyone.

3. Jousts.

Solo Cornet good style but mis-pitches rather detract from the effect.

This all continues quite well and then is some good playing.

13.+5 "Courage Mon Brave" (3/4 bar) - Well done.

Good finish with a sense of sfp

Some really good moments to overall performance marred though by some moments of carlessness - But nice music making.

Thank you

Frank Renton
9 May 2009.

Adjudicator:Dr Roger Webster

1. King's Herald

Solid start - with the odd over keen player 'soloing' in bar 6 (not a problem!)

Very good into 7.

Some very good playing - note lengths not always 100%

2. Cortege.

Very well balanced and played to start

Horn and Cornet - Such good style and sound

Do not let vib detract for either music or pitch.

Good Soprano!

Beautiful to close.

3. Jousts.

Opens well - more air (for me) would make this safer and more stylistically accurate.

11. Take care with phrase ends.

Nice to hear 13.+5 correct (1st of the day!)

Good dynamics.

Very good (and neat) to close.

Many thanks,

Dr Roger B Webster
9 May 2009.

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