Scottish Open Championship
26 November 2011

Music for Battle Creek

Philip Sparke

Conducted by Alan Morrison
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Adjudicator:  John Wallace

Prelude and Toccata:

This finds good atmosphere despite a few ensemble problems.  The Allegro is steady and accurate with really exciting moments.


This is a well balanced and assured performance which finds the right spot for the requisite tranquility.   The estatico is perhaps a little rushed.

Rondo Finale:

This was a fast and furious performance.  very exciting.  Sometimes not quite together as in the ppp Coda.

Adjudicator:Philip Sparke

Prelude and Toccata:

Some looseness in the opening but soon on track and a fine sounding Band plays with purpose and direction.  Duetists not always exactly coordinated but do a great job.  28 could relax more?  34 - Good tempo set and plenty of detail gets through.  100 - quality here.  Not always together around 115, but 123 has great sense of flow and the movement ends strongly.


Nice start and Baritone is very persuasive, so too is Trombone and you lead nicely to the Euphonium solo which is brilliantly done - as is the link to 189+.  193  - lovely (Glock?) - but could relax a bit more.  Fine build to climax and it resolves to a peaceful close.

Rondo Finale:

Good start here and you continue well to a great chorale at 254.  Trombone is super! and fine playing continues throughout to a very convincing climax at 330.  There are some minor frailties but the overall picture is working well and you power to a great finish.

Loads of potential here and I'm sure you have power to improve.

Adjudicator:Dr Robert Childs


Nice well judged opening.  Full of detail and well graded dynamics - Cornet and Euphonium solos are generally well handled but there were issues of intonation and ensemble.  Good Soprano to close.


Good tempo - but it stretches some players to the limit and has moments of unease.  very good Trombone chorale - Toccata recap is better, however Timpani sometimes over powers the Band.


Fine quartet, Baritone great, Trombone great, Euphonium solo well shaped (some small mis-pitches) Super top D.  Horn - good, Flugel - good, Cornet and Euphonium - good.


Well done (Glock is quite loud) - Well graded crescendo into 201.


Good tempo - very good Bongos.  Trombone - good, Horn - good.  Very nice Cantabile style.  Super build to a triumphant ending.

A musical reading - however the music asked too much of some players technically.

Fine performance, thanks.
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