Scottish Open Championship
20 November 2010

...and when the river told...

Simon Dobson

Conducted by John Ward
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Adjudicator:  Simon Dobson

Neat opening but maybe not ppp - Vibes uneven - some tuning issues in middle band with crescendo

(A)  Great Horn solo - very individual playing.  In bar 18, lower band not together.

(B)  Tuning! 

2) Cornets - great bagpipe sounds - but loses detail.

(C)  Good style.  (D) Good solos and great regal poise!  bar 83 - perc covers troms!

Great Bass Trom  before H.  (H) Needs more 'storm'!! - very neat rall and dim though.

3) (J) Trom good (once it gets going) - Sop too, but loses some flow - before (L) - hold your nerve! a little loud Flugel.

(L)  Good Flugel - where is bari? Good balances here - nicely thought out.  In 8 loses flow for me however.

(M)  Seems a bit laboured - needs more > in lower band.

4)  Cornets tight.  (N)  Clear - but perc needs more 'bite'  Great start to the Alla Marcia.

(P)  More Tubas!  - More violence before (Q) - Needed more lower band at (Q) - (R) - great! - Horror show!

(T) - Well done vibes!  (U) - Fast.  6) - Need more lower band detail - great drunkeness!

(W) Well done Tubas - and back row - could've taken more bite.

(Z) Tuning before (2) (Sop!) - Slightly uneven in back row.

(BB)  Troms > too staccato.  Great lead to (CC) - Good ending - Full sound!

A fine performance - I really enjoyed it!  At times lacked attention to detail and suffered from tuning problem - but full of committment!  Thanks!

Adjudicator:Hannes Buchegger

Sorry - I am not good writing in English - but I try to give you some remarks.

Good flowings impression, suoper Horn + Solo.  Also low brass section good warm sound!

Very clear accel to 2)  Good rhythmical feelings.

(D) Could have more poise and better articulation.  (F) More alarm!

In 3) again very good flowing character very good Trombone Solo, also Soprano!

Beautiful Sound in (K) also good sadness expression in (L)

Solo Cornet, a little bit deep, but beautiful sound of all soloists.

Not really clear start - Alla Marcia/Rhythmical

Good Marcato in (P) in Hornscatio.

In (T) good atmosphere fine 'viceneghen' playing.

Articulation in (6) could be a littler bit better.  Intonation trio bars for (Z)!

Good Tempi!  Good balance!

Good dynamic to the end! It very fine. 'integorefaticen' with good feeling for telling to strong with music! 


Adjudicator:Howard Snell

Intro - Good start.

(A)  Horn good to start, then good later on.  Bass melody good.

(B)  Good style here.  (C)  Positive playing to excellent efect.

(D)  Less good detail from some soloists - well finished into (E).

(E)  Detail good here from the ensemble.

(H)  A bigger climax needed (ff)

(J)  Trom solo not entirely convincing (tuning) and good soprano to follow.

(K)  Nicely done.  (L)  Good start (if too loud) then tuning not good into 2nd bar.  Pause good for me.

(M)  Well done passage here and into cornet fanfare.

(N)  Basses effection with ostinato effect.

(O)  Well done through this passage

(U)  Cornet good here - from (6) also good

(W)  Well done generally if not quite enough difference between quavers and triplet crotchets

(Z)  More 'pointing' needed to show the minimalist writing here - ie, more staccato to let in some 'light' - But very secure all the same.

(BB)  Troms need a little more length to add to accents.  (CC)  Good finish.

Generally - Very solid sounding band with a thoroughly competent performance of a difficult piece.

Other - Occasional intonation problems showed through.
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