Scottish Open Championship
28 November 2009

Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Peter Graham (2005)

Conducted by Alan Morrison
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Adjudicator:  Philip Harper

Mystery created to begin but not always in tune.  Neat at A but some of the effects could be much more dramatic (ff muted etc)

B is exciting but lacking clarity sometimes, good contrast at F.  Lots of good playing and dynamics are well handled. Impressive!

M is confident from Tubas, could do with more expression - likewise Horn and Flugel before N.  baritones very good before O.

P is again a good attempt to play quietly - it's very settled and Trombone and Cornet play with distinction.  Good Sop, but out of tune into S.  Expressive Flugel but rather heavyweight for mp - same with the Horn.

V is super quiet dynamics again - but Flugel (too loud again).  Where is Cornet at W?  A few wobbles here before the whispering gallery.

A1 is exciting again but could do with a bit more bite from Cornets generally.  Good, contrasting dynamics again.

Great Dinosaur fight and a convincing end (could do with more Cornets again)

Overall, some really good stuff (expecially quiet dynamics, well done) but just one or two uneasy moments.

Adjudicator:Frank Renton

Good atmospheric start but some intonation problems (F is # to 1st Trombone) - Then is not always enough use  made of dynamic nuances.

B - Good sense of pace but sometimes detail is lost as a section or player hurries an entry.

M - Good atmosphere - Tubas do well - odd bits of timing a problem good link then to P.  Good Trombone and Solo Cornet except for 1 note - Sop a tad strident but basically accurate.

S+ - Flugel and Solo Horn play a good 'f' as the section loses it's identity - much of the band really works at playing quietly but Flugel and Solo Horn don't and it spoils the shape.  W - Solo Cornet? - Good duet then.

2 - Good drive and some degree of clarity within which is difficult to achieve.

J1 - a bit of a damp squib - no real sense of balance from the middle sounds.

Reasonable end but I think the four stroke drag on the Timp is more important than you make it.

Overall a good performance. Thank You.


Test Piece: Own Choice
Adjudicators: Philip Harper and Frank Renton

1.   Fountain City, Dr Joseph Parisi, 5, 198 (Dreams)
2.   Pemberton Old Wigan DW, Mark Bentham, 14, 195  (Music of the Spheres)
3.   Whitburn, Steven Mead, 17, 194  (Titan's Progress)
4.   Co-op Funeralcare, Russell Gray, 8, 193  (Titan's Progress)
5.   Kirkintilloch, Selmer Simonsen, 11, 191  (Titan's Progress)
6.   Wire Brass, Paul Andrews, 16, 190  (Masquerade)
7.   Marsden Silver Prize, Glyn Williams, 13, 189  (Rococo Variations)
8.   Fishburn, Alan Morrison, 9, 188  (Journey to the Centre of Earth)
9.   Unison Kinniel, Alan Ramsay, 4, 187  (Whitsun Wakes)
10. Bon Accord Silver, John Maines, 15, 186  (Journey to the Centre of Earth)
11. Kingdom Brass, Andrew Duncan, 10, 185  (Extreme Make Over)
12. United Co-op Milnrow, John Ward, 3, 184  (Paganini Variations)
13. Dalmellington, Ian Porthouse, 6, 183  (Dances & Alleluias)
14. Newtongrange, Nigel Boddice MBE, 1, 179  (A Lowry Sketchbook)
15. Kirbymoorside Brass, John Woodward, 7, 178  (The Essence of Time)
16. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass, Charles Keenan, 177  
17. Easington Colliery, Roy Curran, 12, 176  (Tristan Encounters)
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