Martin ~ Bequest Contest
Durham Gala Theatre
17th July 2010

Conducted by Steve Malcolm
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Adjudicator:Colin Hardy

1. President

Solid start with odd split but good dynamic contrast, but odd loose ensemble in parts.

Trio much tighter and good flow - but last phrase again has some loose moments.  Flows to close.

2. Harry James Concerto for Trumpet

A touch uncertain at start, then Allegro free flowing.

Just odd uncertain bar as it progresses but a very good effort overall.  Well done.

3. Year of the Dragon

Movement 1. Good clean start with all in place.

A+ wrong entry, D+ OK and lots of detail now emerging and overall percussion blends well.  G+4 uncertain in Cornets.

Movement 2.  Start OK then hint of intonation Bar 5.  Trombone does well with nice flow and dynamic contrast. Well done.  Othe Soloists also secure.

J - good control here and flows well with good dynamic contrast but take care in fff after K some intonation again keep it under control.  L+ odd bar of uncertainty.  Trombone again does well.

Nice balance at close.

Movement 3.  Good tempo and all feels in control.  P+ not so convincing Euph/Baritome not easy I know.

Q+ some of this is untidy.  S+ good balanced band and percussion and good controlled pp.

W+9 untidy.  Y good balance and flows to close.

Overall a good reading and lots of good playing but also had it's untidy moments.

Thank you.

Colin Hardy
17 July 2010.