Dr Martin Bequest Contest
Middlesbrough Town Hall
16 September 2012

Conducted by Huw Thomas
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Adjudicator:Colin Hardy

1. March: Superlative

Flowing start but not a lot of detail and Bass Drum very evident, but good dynamic contrasts.

Lots of semi's lost

E: Untidy start then flows OK.  That Bass drum irritates.

Nice to hear a new March.  DC much the same and has a nice flow to it.

Needed more detail early on (maybe accoustic?)

2. Cornet Solo:  Oblivion

Lots of detail noted with good balance and nice soloist played with taste and style

Accompaniments have a lovely sound and so well balanced and tasteful.

Percussion well integrated.

Very good Soloist.  Well done and Thanks.

3. Test Piece:  Partita

I.  Good start but low end not clean but flows nicely and lots of detail emerges.  Odd mis-pitch into 64.

76+:  Some looseness here.  Also 88+ could be cleaner. 

96+  Good Trombones and all do well and Band detail also evident.

141+:  Good and good dynamics observed.  163/4 Untidy Cornets.  Flows to close.

II.  Lots of detail here and Super Solo Cornet.  Other soloists do well, just a blip in Baritone.

Again good Trombones.  30+ Good detail in accompaniments.  38+  Well balanced and good dynamic contrasts.

51+  Played with taste.  Good close.

III.  Lots of detail here.  22+  Well done Solo Cornet and Soprano.  58+  Well negotiated.

73  A touch untidy then OK but general balance is good.

123  Lots of detail.  148+  Again, all is well negotiated.  Well done Euphonium and Soprano.

220+ 227+ 248  All flows nicely and Presto very well balanced.

277 - 282 - 290  Lots of detail and flows to a super close.

Just odd untidy moments early on then lots of very good playing.

March was a touch untidy.

Overall, some very good playing and Soloist was super.

Many thanks,

Colin Hardy
16 September 2012

1.   Reg Vardy (Dr Nicholas Childs): 45/42/197 = 284
2.   Rothwell Temperance (Dave Roberts): 44/43/195 = 282
3.   Fishburn (Huw Thomas): 42/44/193 = 279
4.   Felling (Steve Malcolm): 46/43/189 = 278
5.   NASUWT Riverside (Alan Morrison): 44/41/190 = 275
6.   Drighlington Colliery (Jim Davies): 45/42/187 = 274
7.   Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel (David Nesbitt): 43/40/188 = 271
8.   Unite City of Sheffield (Derek Renshaw): 40/39/186 = 265
9.   Wakefield Metropolitan (Michael Howley): 40/38/183 = 261
10. Easington Colliery (Chris Bentham): 39/37/184 = 260

Best Soloist: John Gill (Fishburn)

Best March: Felling

Key: (March/Solo/Test Piece = Total)