Dr Martin Bequest Contest
Middlesbrough Town Hall
11 September 2011

Conducted by Huw Thomas
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Adjudicator:Kevin Wadsworth

1. President

Tempo doesn't feel stable in opening bars but quickly settles.

Dynamics good.  Semiquaver detail good.  Trio dynamic good.

Running semiquaver detail good.  Good flow.

Cornets secure at all times.  Basses tight.

Good style and playing that lacked only the slightest sparkle.

Good show.

2. Violin Concerto for Horn

Good opening sounds.

Technique to admire, the sound feels forced a shade and not as light and delicate as originally intended.

The melodic line needs a touch more space within the tempo.

Ensemble accompaniment loose in places.

Take 2% off the weight to gain 5% on clarity and flow.

Fantastic attempt at insanely hard music.

Well done.

3. English Heritage

Good start.  splits from Horns around 16-20.  Good use of dynamics at 50.  Nice Soprano.

67 - Loose entry by Euphonium.  79 - yes.  94 - Good ensemble sounds here. 

100+ - Good atmosphere.  130 - More contrast needed.  150 - yes. 

Cornets as a section sound good and solid.  Bass Trombone nice sounds.

203 - Cornet - yes.  Flugel just a shade loose in low register.  207 - Middle of the Band - nice sounds.

Nice tranquillo style at 220.  Vivo - Percussion heavy.  It's p.   Ensemble plays OK 250+

280 - Looses detail in Basses/Euphoniums.  290 - Lacks power - Bass Trombone.

300 - Trombone - more please, more Cantabile.

Music flows well around 340.  Nice controlled sounds.  360 - Well done Soprano - just!

Vivo - Nice atmosphere.

Good close - lacked a little space to big ending and almost lacked a little energy but good show.

Well done.

Kevin Wadsworth
11 September 2011