Adjudicator:John Berryman

1. Very good opening with excellent dynamic control and now some great sounds. It's good incisive playing.

Very effective from 'J'

Well played Percussion.

Fine build to 'P' then lovely at 'R' to a beautiful finish.

2. We need a touch more from the top Euphonium.

Some good control with lovely quiet playing.

It didn't all come off but musically compelling.

3. Well played.  Great sounds.

4. Good incisive start and good dynamics agan, but as we progress the clarity is not as good as it could be, much of the tongued semis were lost (may be the hall) so it didn't quite come off.  A pity as there was so much to enjoy.

John Berryman
Brass at the Guild Contest
Preston Guild Hall
8 February 2009

Lowry Sketchbook
Philip Wilby

Conducted by Philip Rosier
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