North of England Championships
18 March 2012

Derek Bourgeois

Conducted by Huw Thomas
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Adjudicator:David Horsefield

Dramatic opening but a little anxious in high Baritone solo.

1 - pp nicely graded.  Mishaps in 2, but general style is good.

4 - Well styled and build to prestissimo impresses.  Clarity in 6 cornets.  Rather untidy 2 before 10.

11 - Safely negotiated and the excitement builds.  15 + 16 Well defined.  19 - Detailed.  Bass line impresses.

20 - Careful.  21 - Not over mf.  Well balanced to 23.  Well restrained to 26.  Good Soprano.

27 - Well defined.  Tight in 29.  30 - Effective tutti Cornets.  32 - Very tight.  33 - Rather lacking blend in Horns.

Fanfares good but Band becomes rather hard to 37.  Rather lumpy entry 38 and untidy bar into 39.

Lyrical section nicely shaped and phrased. 

Flugel rich sound and Horn safely through although all rather full blooded.  Some intonation noted.

43 - Rather untidy at times.  44 - Well styled here and 45 is quite spacious.  47 - OK.

In 48, the quartet could be more relaxed.  Again, some intonation.  Perhaps more intensity needed.

Not together 53+3.

Tidy close.

Thank you.