North of England Championships
20 March 2011

Philip Wilby

Conducted by John Ward
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Adjudicator:Jim Davies

Opening not always secure.  9 - Mostly accurate.  Nice sound at 13.  A very good Euphonium.

Watch the slips at 25.  B - Good.  Nice Flugel.  41 - Not always balanced or precise.

C - Good Trombone, well supported by accompaniments.  D - Works well, good Bass and build to E.

Solo lines very good and accompaniments work well.  F - Mostly accurate.  G - Horns not together on fp's

H - Too fast for clarity and does not really work.  I - Good style and precision.  Well done Percussion.

159 - Mostly accurate in Cornets and precise in Band.  K - Good attempt at pp but not always balanced.

Bass lines a little heavy at times.  M - Good Euphonium even though some minor slips, sympathetic accomps.

Very good Cadenza.  N - Needs more rise and fall.  Cadenza - Very good soloists - well shaped.  Also at 226.

O - Nice Flugel but look for more expression (watch the slips)  Good Soprano.  P - Good control of dynamics.

Good balance on bars 251+.  257 - Well handled good middle Band sound - well done Soprano.

Q - Good build to R even though some runs were rushed.  R - Exciting and builds well to S.  Good Band sound.

Bass end a little light though at times.  T - Runs not always clear but good build to the end.

Thank you.