North of England Championships
21 March 2010

George Lloyd

Conducted by Alan Morrison
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1. Reg Vardy (Prof. N. Childs), 1*
2. NASUWT Riverside (I. Robinson), 5*
3. Fishburn (A. Morrison), 9 
4. Felling Band (G. Tindall), 3
5. Kirkbymoorside Town (J. Woodward), 2
6. Easington Colliery (D. Hirst), 4
7. East Yorkshire Motor Services (S. Lippeatt),
8. GT Group. Peterlee (S. Malcolm), 7 
9. Westoe Brass (S. Kerwin), 6

Adjudicator:John Berryman

A well handled opening in the main with good control.  This trips along in fine style.

Tuning is not spot on at 57.

Nice transition but Poco Lento a touch unsafe.

Well done Cornet.  A very good Bass line is in evidence.

Slight slip from Baritone.  The pace is on the top side.  Be sure not to overblow at times.

Trombone chord not together or balanced.

Well played (Cornet and Flugel) Soloists.

Largo not perfectly in tune and it could do with a little more sensitivity I feel, although a nice moment at 219 and along to the Vivo.

It's quick but Solo Cornet manages very well.

Eb Bass a little too many gaps.  Good Trombone Solo and good competent playing to the Meno Messo.

Well handled from 350 and well done Soprano.  Watch the playing doesn't become too agressive in the exciting passages.

A good performance generally with a few lapses.

John Berryman
21 March 2010.
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