North of England Championships
22 March 2009

Gilbert Vinter (1961)

Conducted by Garry Cutt
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1.      E.Y.M.S
2.      Reg Vardy
3.      NASUWT Riverside
4.      Fishburn Band
5.      Felling
6.      Lockwood Brass
7.      RMT Easington
8.      Kirbymoorside Town
9.      Westoe Brass
W.     Greggs Bakery
Adjudicator:David Read

1. Resilience.

(Opening) Not correct.  10 not quite in tune.

Confident but some split notes.  Fine Trombones.

50.  Fine - Good well balanced sounds.

90.  Does not fit.  100.  Fine.  113.  Too much Trombone for balance.

Overall a compact and cohesive performance.  Good, well balanced sounds.

2.  Romance.

Fine start.  The music flows well and sings as it should.  Sometimes the balance could be better as at 30 and we become a little top heavy beyond 40 and too much Soprano to close.

3.  Relaxation.

Too strong to open and a little loose (Out of control).  You recover and you play with excitement.

It is just a little too fast so I don't always hear the triplets clearly.  There is some uncertain notes in the ensemble - Good Baritone link.

Expressive Euphonium and expressive Solo Cornet - More time could be taken.

Come Prima - Good!

Synchopation (bar 178) - not quite.

A good performance but lapses as mentioned.

David Read
2 March 2009.