Pontins Brass Band Championships
30th October 2005

Three Figures
Triptych for Brass Band
Herbert Howells (1960)

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adjudicator:Geoffrey Whitham

1. Copes Challenge

A clean opening.  Con Moto has flow and parts fit well.
Some good playing so far.  Poco Meno Mosso good balance.
Some nice playing throughout this movement.

2.  Iles's Interlude

You have movement.  A couple of slips that did not detract.  The atmosphere created is good.

3.  Rimmers Race

Some clean playing.  Not without slips but the music always has movement and meaning.  There has been some odd spilts in this last movement but the music always had meaning. 

Well done.

Geoffrey Whitham

Adjudicator:Nigel Boddice

1. Copes Challenge

Much good work to open.  Lots of clarity and dynamics observed well.  Lovely flowing concept in Section D.
Compelling listening and a performance of stature evolving.
Some odd technical runs not convincing.
A fine reading - Impressive.  Well done.

2.  Iles's Interlude

Not totally clean show but tuneful, flowing and atmospheric.

3.  Rimmers Race

Bar 5 too loud attempt.  Bar before M - Ensemble placement to check.  There is a feeling of wonderful preparation overall.
Transition before Q not convincing and concentration has reduced in section Q and this lasts for a substantial period!
I have concerns for the second half of this movement.  The Band's potential (which is excellent) was reduced somewhat (maybe with concentration levels dipping)

Overall, this was a worthy performance from a reading of substance, still more potential here - to come.

Many thanks.

Nigel Boddice

Result :

1   Staffordshire                         Steve Bastable
2   Wingates                               Roy Newsome
3   Fishburn                                Chris Bentham
4   Pennine Brass                      Ian Porthouse
5   Besses o' th' Barn                James Cant
6   Carlton Main Frickley           Brian Grant
7   United Norwest Co-Op         Andrew White
8   Lindley                                   Neil Jowett
9   Tredegar                                Thomas Wyss
10  Riddings                               John Davis
11  Beaumaris                            Russell Gray
12  BT                                          Michael Fowles
13  Kidlington Concert              Barry Wassell
14  Yorkshire Imperial               Roy Curran
15  Longridge                             Mike Leason
16  Welwyn Garden City           David Jones
17  Bodmin Town                      Kevin Mackenzie

Withdrawn  Abergavenny  
Withdrawn  Burry Port Town  
Withdrawn  Derwent Brass  
Withdrawn  Haydock  
Withdrawn  Innovate Skelmanthorpe  
Withdrawn  Jaguar Coventry  
Withdrawn  Treherbert
Contest Results
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