North of England Championships
27 February 2005

Richard Wagner
Arranged Howard Lorriman (2001)

Conducted by Major Ian McElligott

Adjudicator:Geoffrey Whitham

Opening.  Good Cornet.   Wobble bar 13 on Euphonium.
A.  Is well shaped.
B.  Is well done.
C.  So well shaped.   Demi-semi's are well shaped.
D.  Has character.
Allegro.  Again has character and poise.  Spilts before 'G' Euphonium.
G.  Nice Cornet but style a bit 'jerky'
H.  Was OK
I.  Again nice playing.  Bar 231 quaver double not clean
Vivace.  Fairly clean.
N.  Bass a bit hard in sound.
O.  Too many splits.

Geoffrey Whitham
27 February 2005.

Points awarded:187Position:4
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