North of England Championships
16 March 2003

Judith Bingham (1996)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:Steve Sykes

1 (St Wenceslas Chapel - the ancient crown of Bohemia)  
Well measured to open (and with sensible dynamic)   bar 13 ~ Moves well. Two before 'A' ~ Effective Cornets.    bar 25 ~ Why 8va Tubas? ~ it hides semi quaver detail somewhat.    'B' ~ Really super Cornet Solo.     Flugel a little untidy  in bars 47/48.        bar 52 ~ Trombones/Euphonium incisive. 
bar 65 ~ All detail well presented.

2 (Rabbi Low Creates the Golem)
Good start to '2' (but initial chord has untidy release)       bar 84 ~ untidy in Cornets,   bars 89/90 ~ better here.     Trombone Solo has a few 'clicks ~ but is very well shaped.    bar 107 ~ Tubas dovetailing of suspended note does not convince.    bars 118/119 ~ Xylophone a little uneven.    bar 120 ~ Really super Horn/Flugel group.      bar 133 ~ builds well.

3 (Charles Bridge)
Very effective to open ~ but I don't like those 8va's in Tubas.     Euphonium shapes well (just loses airflow a little though)     Untidy in Euphonium semi's bars 155/156.     'G' ~ Really lovely Euphonium here.       bar 165 ~ a bit 'scratchy' in Cornet crotchets.      bar 168 ~ quite a good Soprano Solo. 
bar 179 ~ links well in semi quavers.   bar 182 ~ nice Flugel/Baritone/Horn group (mp)  but accompaniments (p) rather heavy.

4 (Wenceslas Square ~ Defeat and Triumph)
Super into '4'.   Neat & tidy (very incisive)      bar 227 ~ flows well.     
Super low brass at bar 231.  'L' ~ Very secure.   This is convincing playing. bar 258 ~ Smooth Tubas (but why 8va?)      Quaver detail is exact & it all builds so well.  Solid conclusion.

Steve Sykes
16 March 2003

Points awarded:189Position:3

Best Principal Cornet    John Gill    Fishburn Band
Best Soprano Cornet    EYMS Band
Best Bass Section         Ever Ready Band
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