North of England Championships
19 March 2006

Peter Graham (2005)

Conducted by Russell Gray:
Contest Results
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The Colin Frater Memorial Soprano Trophy:   Mal Usher, Fishburn Band

The Tim Holmes Memorial Principal Cornet Trophy:  John Gill, Fishburn Band

The Doug Cairns Trophy for the best Bass section:  Reg Vardy Band

The Dolphin Centre Percussion Trophy:   Reg Vardy Band
Adjudicator:Derek Broadbent

Tasteful opening.  Some suspicious intonation in muted Cornets.

A.  Cornet and Euphonium in good style.

Detail to B. is loud - and onwards.  There is verve in this playing, with neat and tidy ensembles to E.

F.  Basses not quite leggerio enough for my taste.

G.  Good Percussion, and the music lives.

J.  I don't hear the lower detail here

K.  Is better

L.  Soprano and Repiano not quite comfortable.

M.  Basses secure, but not quite balanced - 2nd duo takes time to get going.  Upper muted lines a bit stodgy.

218.  Pleasing.

N.  Soprano has good conviction - Baritones also.

O.  Side drum a shade heavy - closes with conviction.

P.  Doesn't move as one.  Trombone - Nicely done.

Q.  Is better.  Solo Cornet in good style.

R.  Watch the balance please.  Soprano! - Bravo - and nicely held to S.

282.  This is nicely put together.

T.  Solo Horn a shade flat!

U (-2).  Tender.  U.  Good balances to V.

V.  Most effective - just a slight 'blip'

W.  Solo Cornet and Euphonium just not quite in tune - but it's confidently handled to X. to good effect.

Y.  Bass Trombone opens well - and good ensembles ensue - all neatly done to E1.  E1(-4) Side drum - why no dim?

F1.  A good fight here - as it should be.

I1.  A bit of a scramble.

J1.  Euphonium not always comfortable.

K1.  Could build bigger.

Close has conviction and there is much to commend in this performance. 

Thank you very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent
19 March 2006.