Land O' Burns invitation Contest
Troon, Scotland
26 August 2006

Conducted by Russell Gray
Contest Results
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1.   Whitburn
2.   Fishburn
3.   Kirkintilloch Kelvin
4.   Unison Kinneil
197 Points
196 Points
193 Points
192 Points
Adjudicator:Derek Broadbent

Come Follow the Band

Confident instrumentation in the opening - and it all works.

Stylish - Bright and breezy opening.

Mumbo Jumbo

In good style - Neat ensembles - You know what you're doing with this style of music.

Soloists in good form.

'Take Care Ya Don't Get Square' - This is good, don't spoil it!!

Ensembles - Neat and tidy to the end! - Good Stuff.

Letter From Home

A tasteful opening - A shade tentative before 1, but you recover.

So Sincere this playing - So much to commend - and beautifully crafted and Directed.

I'll just listen.

What a lovely close.

Thank You So Much!

Bees A Buzzin'

Testing your virtuosity? - Don't get untidy Percussion!

Fine playing by a fine Band.

Coda - Don't hide the Semi's !!


Some suspicious intonation spoils the opening chording, take care please.

Soloist plays with style and confidence - Well supported by all.

There is so much music in this ensemble!!

B.  Tastefully done - Little to fault, so much to commend.

Quality playing by all - but Soloist excels.

Thank you so very much indeed for the pleasure of listening to this playing.

Finale (Year of the Dragon)

Well chosen Tempo - Exciting moments ensue.  I'd expect nothing less from this ensemble.

There is so much detail.

A little untidy before P but you recover - then a scratchy moment.

What a recovery you make.  Troms - could have been neater.

Super lower lines.  A bit sticky Sop - but you recover - Then a fine ensemble shows off it's versatility.

Close is so full of conviction.

Top Class!!

The Melody Shop

Opening lacks a bit of detail - but then really 'Zips' along in good style.

Excellent detail now and dynamics

Trio - A good contrast. 

Bass solo section -Works well and the Finale has everything needed.

A top class show (Not entirely spotless) but so very much to commend.

Thank you Band, Conductor and Soloist for much enjoyment.

Derek Broadbent


Individual Prizes:

Dress & Deportment:         Fishburn Band
Best Tenor Horn:                Steve Hardy (Fishburn)
Best Principal Cornet:        Whitburn
Best Soprano Cornet:         Kirkintilloch Kelvin
Best Instrumentalist:          Euphonium (Whitburn)
Best Euphonium:                Whitburn
Best Bass Section:             Whitburn
Best Percussion:                Unison Kinneil
Top placings and points (16 Bands):