Land O' Burns invitation Contest
Troon, Scotland
4 September 2004

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adjudicator:Colin Hardy

Olympic Fanfare (Summon the Heroes)

Solid start with good detail and all flows nicely with good balanced sound to conclusion

Charivari (Cornet solo)

Detailed start and all in control.  Super Soloist - All seems well in control and accompaniments do well.  Euphonium backs up well. Some first class accompanists always allow you to hear the Soloist.  Well done. 
Soloist, you make it sound easy  You are using space.  Well done!!

Folk Festival

This is all in control and rhythmic and good dynamic contrasts.  Just got a touch loose towards the end but lots of control.  Thanks.

Duet for Two Cats (Cornet & Trombone Duet)

All very effectively done and accompaniments did well also. 
Both well done!  Thanks.


Effective start and as you progress you observe the dynamic contrasts well.  All well in control and good 'Grandioso' at 10. 
15 + 4 untidy.  16, Horn and Euphonium good, also Flugel.  17 effective and onto a super close.

Very, Very, Good Performance.


Colin Hardy.


Position:3rd out of 17 Bands

Individual Prizes:
Dress & Deportment:         Fishburn Band
Best Principal Cornet:        John Gill (Fishburn)
Best Instrumentalist:          Soprano (IUnison Kinneil)
Best Euphonium:                Patrick Howard (Freckleton)
Best Bass Section:             Whitburn
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1.   Whitburn
2.   Unison Kinneil
3.   Fishburn
4.   Kirkintilloch
5.   Kingdom Brass
6.   Johnstone
7.   Freckleton
8.   Clackmannan District
9.   Bo'ness & Carriden