Land O' Burns invitation Contest
Troon, Scotland
23 August 2003

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:Alan Hope

Fanfare - Carmina Burana
Good start, detached & controlled into -

Hora Staccato (Cornet feature)
Detail fine.  Cornets tied together!  After F - Trombones intonation. 
All fine to close.

I'll Walk With God
Nice sounds & well controlled.  Very loud before C - spoils effect. 
D - lyrical & Solo Cornet just right.  Ending controlled.

Mr Lear's Carnival
Opening not quite accurate in the Horn/Flugel.  A - Rushed off before tempo settled!!  Good Bass.  Trombone not accurate.  2nd/Bass Trombones better - fine in trio.  Piu Mosso - Nervous.  C and on to E - Good effects. 
E - Impressive Basses.  F - Very effective.

Stardust (Trombone Solo)
Good style to open & accompaniment from Band.  B - Almost accurate.
Laid back style from Soloist just right.  Technique fine to end.

Born To Battle
Bass Drum too enthusiastic - spoils opening.  C - Detailed & sensitive. 
Solo Horn - detail fine.  E - Melody handed around well - very detailed.
I - Overdone in volume & effect is spoiled  to a mighty close.

Thank You.

Odd lapse in precision of solo exposed entries may cost you.  A good band - another day?

Alan Hope


Position:4th out of 13

Top 6 placings and points:

1. Kirkintilloch            97 points
2. Whitburn                 96 points
3. Unison Kinneil       94 points
4. Fishburn                 92 points
5. Newtongrange       91 points
6. Freckleton              87 points
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