Durham County Brass Band Association
Annual Grading Contest
1st February 2004

Triumphant Rhapsody
Gilbert Vinter (1965)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:Colin Hardy

Good well balanced start and all heard. 

Allegro - All neat and tidy here and as you progress, super attention to dynamics and mood.  Bar 49 not as tidy. 

Bars 63/64 (Horn and Flugel entries to Poco Meno) lovely change over, then nice  (Flugel) soloist. 

Bar 70+ All links well (to Appassionata). 

Bar 80+ So well balanced and under control. 

Bar 86+ (Piu mosso ma tranquillo) Lovely Solo Cornet. 

Bar 95+ (Tempo 1, allegro) All so neat and tidy, plus bars110 & 120 

Bar 130+ (Alla marcia) Great change of mood. 

Bar 150+ Well done Bb Bass, and Soprano at 157. 

Bar 165 (Sostenuto)  Loads of space thanks and so balanced. 

Bar 175  Odd blip in Euphonium but He Ho. 

Bar 178+ (Molto Cantabile) Flows beautifully. 

Bar 190+ (Affetuoso)  Great balance and Soprano sits without being obtrusive. 

Bar 202+ Lovely balance and spaced out.  Well done Euphonium. 

Bar 211+ (Cadenza)  Well done Solo Cornet

Bar 220+ (Con Brio) very neat.  Great Baritone  

Bar 236+ Very, very tidy this. 

Bar 250+ All links well.  Super Soprano. 

Bar 283+ (Largamente)  Troms run out of steam but rest OK. 

Presto - So under control.

Super  ~  Thanks

Colin Hardy
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