Scottish Open Championship
26 November 2006

Tristan Encounters
Martin Ellerby (1999)

Conducted by Russell Gray
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Adjudicator:Robert Childs

Dramatic start.

Transfiguration II:  Flugel sounds a bit uncomfortable but settles.  Good Solo Cornet

Transfiguration III:  Impressive techniques

Transfiguration IV:  Good Dynyamic contrast - Percussion not always in sync with the Brass.

Transfiguration VII (Bar 209): Poor Ensemble.  Bar 227 not always well balanced but good climax into Transfiguration VIII (Bar 238)

Transfiguration X (Bar 247):  Suffers from the odd moment of intonation.

Transfiguration XI:  Good Percussion bar 285.

Transfiguration XII:  Good Soprano.  Just the odd slip Cornet.  Euphonium slightly strained Top D.  Nice Horn.  Good Flugel.  Super Baritone.  Well done Trombones.  Unlucky Eb Bass.

Transfiguration XIII:  A little untidy generally.

Transfiguration XIV:  Between 399 - 412 Several unforced errors detract from a steady performance.

Strong to close.

A good show, with a lot to commend, however, there were issues concerning tuning and balance and several soloistic blips which detracted.

Robert Childs

Adjudicator:Stephen Roberts

Confident opening and good ensemble.

Flugel plays expressively at Bar 65 (Transfiguration II) and is well matched by other soloists.

In Transfiguration III, the Percussion is not always quite with the Band.

Good Horns into Transfiguration V - Fine control and intonation.

Uncomfortable link into Transfiguration VII.

Balance not good at Bar 228 - Euphonium is overpowered.

Transfiguration IX:  Mutes are too 'stopped' and causing intonation problems.

Good Semi-Quaver runs at Bar 268+

Good Soprano Solo at Transfiguration - Well done.

Solo's are well managed and stylish, but a few clips Bar 349+ in solos.

Good sounds towards close, but just lacking that extra dynamic 'edge'

This was a competent performance with plenty of expressive solo playing and good ensemble.  Occasionally there were issues regarding balance and intonation with occasional lapses in dynamic variation as well.

Soprano was excellent in solo.

Stephen Roberts

  1  Whitburn,  Andrew Duncan 
  2  Scottish Co-op,  Allan Ramsay
  3  Carlton Main Frickley Colliery,  Garry Cutt
  4  Kirkintilloch,  Steve Bastable
  5  Fishburn,  Russell Gray
  6  Wingates Brass,  Dr Roy Newsome
  7  SWT Woodfalls,  Melvin White
  8  Freckleton,  Paul Dalton
  9  Broxburn & Livingston,  Kevin Price 
10  Dalmellington,  Archie Hutchison
11  Kingdom Brass,  Craig Anderson
12  Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass,  Raymond Tennant
13  Unison Kinneil,  Colin McKenzie
14  Bon Accord Silver,  Duncan Beckley

96    Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby) 
95    Harrison's Dream (Peter Graham) 
94    Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby) 
92    Harrison's Dream (Peter Graham) 
91    Tristan Encounters (Martin Ellerby) 
89    Cloudcatcher Fells (John McCabe) 
88    St Magnus (Kenneth Downie) 
87    Hymn at Sunrise (Ray Steadman-Allen) 
86    Diversions on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd) 
85    The New Jerusalem (Philip Wilby) 
83    Cloudcatcher Fells (John McCabe) 
82    Tallis Variations (Philip Sparke) 
81    Harmony Music (Philip Sparke) 
80    Between the Moon and Mexico (Philip Sparke)

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