North of England Championships
21 March 2004

Tristan Encounters
Martin Ellerby (1999)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:David Read

Good opening.  Fine.  All detail heard.

A little careful perhaps - but better that way.

Transition II - Well shaped - all parts are fitting the musical picture despite  the odd slip - Sensitive.

Transition IV - Excellent! - nothing missed.

Transition V - Beautiful mellow sound. 

Transition VI - Fine Percussion section noted.  I could take more Horn at bar 203. 

All quotes well handled in Transition VII - This is really very nice playing, so sensitive, I like it.

Transition IX - Magical.

Transition X - Not a good start here!

Transition XI - The right idea if not entirely secure!

Transition XII - Congratulations in Cadenzas - Only very minor slips, but all is confident.

Neat in Transition XIII

Lovely sounds in Transition XIV - Well balanced & controlled (Just the odd mispitch!)

Don't overdo the dynamics.

A fine performance - Well Directed.

Points awarded:191Position:3

Best Principal Cornet    John Gill    Fishburn Band
Best Soprano Cornet    Mal Usher   Fishburn band
Best Bass Section         Ever Ready Band
Best Percussion     EYMS
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1.   Reg Vardy (Ever Ready) Band
2.   EYMS
3.   Fishburn Band
4.   BHK (UK) Ltd Horden
5.   Chester-Le -Street Riverside
6.   Harrogate
7.   Nestle Rowntree
8.   Cottingham
9.   Broughtons Brass
W   Gateshead Brass
W   Westoe (STHCT)


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