The Scottish Open Brass Band Championship
27 November 2005

St Magnus
Kenneth Downie (2004)

Conducted by Ray Farr
Contest Results
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Adjudicator:David Horsfield

Unfortunate opening melody line, but the excellent sound and balance
shows well.

In the Andante (B), nice detail and rhythmic playing noted.  The details and clarity is good, style and dynamic control are noted.  The flow and shape of
the music is commendable.

Interplay between Cornet and Euphonium is excellent with some musical touches; not without blemish!

In the Allegro con moto (I), great detail and contrasts.

(N)  Well restrained.  Xylo - Yes. 

Delightful articulation in (O)  Maestoso.  What a pity Euph, so musical.

(P)  Andante: Excellent musical shape and some great solo work.

(R)  Allegro:  definition and clarity good.

(U) to (V):  Again, contrasts are made.

Some exciting moments and the musicality of the Conductor shines through.

(Z)  So Majestic, and coupled with the excitement created the work is brought to a big ending.

Thank You.

David Horsfield.

Adjudicator:Richard Evans

Not the happiest start.  Then a great sound, and control.

I can hear detail.

Some lovely individual touches - Cornet/Euphonium/Baritone/Eb Bass.

This is enjoyable.

Slightly late entry from Basses before (I)

Exciting, but you are in control.

Xylo - WOW before (O) !!

Pity for that Euph - but your excellent recovery was so brave.

Some fine individual contributions.

(R)  Very secure.

Excellent technique throughout to (U), then it continues.

The use of dynamics is excellent.

This is so well directed - Thank You !

What a great show.  Just a couple of mishaps, but so enjoyable as a performance.

Richard Evans


1. Fishburn,                                        Ray Farr, 5                       192 pts
2. Kirkintilloch Band,                       Steve Bastable, 11         191 pts
3. SWT Woodfalls,                            David Barringer, 17        190 pts
4. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery,  Allan Ramsay, 16           189 pts
5. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass,          Alistair Orr, 9                   188 pts
6. Whitburn,                                        Andy Duncan, 13           187 pts
7. Wingates,                                        Phillip McCann, 10        186 pts
8. Freckleton,                                     Paul Dalton, 14               185 pts
9. Scottish Co-op Band,                  Frank Renton, 1             184 pts
10. Johnstone Silver,                       Chris Bradley, 15           183 pts
11. Dobcross Silver,                         Dennis Hadfield, 2         182 pts
12. Kingdom Brass,                         Graham O'Connor, 6     181 pts
13. Newtongrange Silver Band,    Steve Sykes, 3                180 pts
14. Besses o' th' Barn,                    James Cant, 12               179 pts
15. Unison Kinneil,                           Andrew Berryman, 4     178 pts
16. Bon Accord Silver,                     Duncan Beckley, 8        177 pts
17. Bo'ness & Carriden,                  Bryan Keachie, 7           176 pts

Fishburn band wonThe Scottish Open Challenge Trophy,
a Commemorative Banner, a Commemorative Engraved Glass Trophy and £1,000

Ray Farr was awarded a Commemorative Quaich as the
'Winning Conductor'