Adjudicator:Derek Broadbent

Opening has good conviction.

A.  A shade bright for my taste.  I miss the stately moments - but the playing is convincing.  B-C works.

C.  A little 'blip' spoils bar 1.    43 - The Cornet Soloist plays with good style and conviction.  Just a little uncomfortable moment spoils. 

D.  Is to good effect - I do hear the detail.  Exciting stuff.  73.  Don't get untidy.

E.  Nicely controlled - all links work well.  Stylish playing here.

G.  Races along - take care of the inner detail at this tempo please.

H.  Good stuff.    I.  Real verve here - Controlled.  Nothing overdone.  J-2 to good effect.

J.  Opens well.  Flugel - Plays with taste - nicely supported by all.  165 -  Watch the tuning here please.

171 - A tasteful ensemble - I do hear it all.  Not quite in tune to close.

K.  Vivacious indeed.   L.  Good clarity in all sections.  Nicely put together and closes well.

M.  Lovely opening chording - Euphonium Soloist not always quite comfortable in this exacting solo.

N-1.  (Tuning again).   N.  Brisk - Nicely put together - all links work and you build well to the ff which has verve and excitement.

P.  Competent Soloists in this section - just the odd spat of intonation spoils.  Poco Accel controlled.

R-2.  Fine.   R.  Doesn't quite move as one, then you settle down.  Fine Trombone heard.

S.  Moves well - good detail and rhythms to T.  Nothing overdone here.

U.  A lovely ensemble sound is heard and you build well to ff - but I don't hear the closing fanfares.

Some good moments in this performance, but some lapses to.

Thank you very much.

Derek Broadbent.

Adjudicator:Chris Wormold

A bright and direct opening but not without blemishes as you know (Sop etc).  Cornets brave attempt from bar 43. but again not without pitching and production errors.  The ensemble is generally quite sloppy from D to E but from bar 78 onwards matters improve greatly.

This is all very impressive until bar 98 when the tempo causes much of the detail to be lost, especially in upper cornets.

H is once again much better and everything flows well into J.  J itself works well and there are some very stylish moments here.  Tuning in back row Cornets is not secure from bar 164 onwards.  Bars 180 and 181 fail to convince in 3rd and 2nd Cornets respectively.

L to M is also unconvincing in many ways and the band almost crashes into M.

The Euphonium Solo at M is unfortunate - this is so difficult to bring off of course.

N is excellent, very dramatic and accurate and wonderfully played here.

Letter P is sadly much less successful - there are numerous tiny blips and blemishes all around the stand and not everything is either together or convincing (percussion bar 276 to 280) right through to letter R.  There are many untidy moments in this passage.

This section to the close was reasonably well handled as was the close itself.

Overall, there were many fine moments here and a performance which contained a great deal of musicality but equally there were moments of untidiness and the soloists clearly did not have the best of days as you know yourselves.

Chris Wormold.


British Open Brass Band Championship
88th Spring Festival ~ Senior Cup
Blackpool Winter Gardens
10th May 2008

Elgar Variations
Martin Ellerby

Conducted by Ray Farr
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