Pontins Brass Band Championships
26 October 2008

Cloudcatcher Fells
John McCabe (1985)

Conducted by Philip Rosier
Contest Results
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Adjudicator:Derek Broadbent

Secure to open - if a shade tentative.  1.  Just a 'blip' spoils.

Grasmoor - Cornets nicely linked - this has a good feel to it - It's all securely securely played to 3.

Good lower lines and the dynamic builds well - and dims in style.

Grisdale Tarn - Flows in good style.  4 - Effective - good detail.  5 - Nicely put together to 6.

Bass line perhaps could be smoother - but it's all nicely linked to Haystacks.

Good rhythm in upper Cornets - and I do hear the semi's in the lower lines.

8.  Good Soprano - Nothing overdone here - Rhythmical lower lines heard and good Percussion too.

Giocoso - Effective - You capture the right mood - fine to 11. 

Watch the balance in the Trombones please. There are many good moments in this playing.

Angle Tarn - a tasteful opening.  Loveley chording in bar 3.  Cornets perhaps a shade loud for p.

Euphoniums and Baritones to good effect.  This has a good atmosphere.

A little more dim (Cornets) but this works so well.

Solo Horn to 14 plays with good taste. 

14 - I'd just like a little more p in this section to produce 'peace'

Lovely lower lines and there is much to commend to Giocoso.  - Bass line lacks clarity.

Good details in upper lines - but 16-17 could have been neater.  17-18 also. 

18 is forceful.  Semi links just come off.

Striding Edge - Very brisk tempo - not all detail is heard.  Good Percussion and lower tones.

21 - Well contrasted here - Percussion build well to 22, where good chording is heard.

Bold Percussion - as it should be.  24 - I do hear the semi's in the build to an exciting close.

Many good moments in this performance - but a few lapses along the way.

Thank you very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent

Adjudicator:David Read

Just a little tentative to open, but all well restrained as it should be.

Grasmore - Good flow if a little loud at times.  Rhymical Bass line with good Cornets also

Good links to Grisdal Tarn.  - Pulsating - Good!  All flows well if at times a little strong

All well balanced. Strong Bass line.

Haystacks - Neat (Except first bar!)  Well restrained - I could take more at ff climax.

Giocoso - Rhythm with good sounds - excellent sonorous sounds at close.

Angle Tarn - Lovely sound if a little heavy (p) - Smooth and atmosphere is created.  All parts are heard in their proper perspective but it is all rather loud - a great pity.

Grysdale Brow - Bass ostinato not well measured, otherwise the playing is neat but after 17 there is a lack of clarity.  Good dovetailing through to close.

Striding Edge - Neat and clean.  21 - excellent restraint.

Helvellyn - Organ-like sounds with good Percussive colour.

An interesting performance - just a little strong in the Angle Tarn and at times lost the atmosphere.

David Read

Pos                                  Band                                             Conductor 

1                       Sovereign Brass                                          Major P Parkes
2                       Bactiguard Wire Brass                                 P Andrews
3                       Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery                           G O’Connor
4                       Staffordshire                                                H Thomas
5                       Tongwynlais Temperance                            P Harper
6                       Northop Silver                                              T Wyss
7                       Fishburn                                                    P Rosier
8                       Marsden Silver (Ossett Brewery)                 G Williams
9                       Felling                                                          G Tindall
10                     Wantage Silver ‘A’                                        P Bailey
11                     Stocksbridge                                                D Nesbitt
12                     Enderby                                                       J Mott
13                     Derwent Brass                                             K Leonard
14                     Wrexham Brass                                           W Ruston
15                     Milton Keynes Brass                                    P Fensom
16                     Cwmaman Institute Silver                             N Seaman
17                     Lindley                                                         N Jowett
w                       Burry Port
w                       RMT Easington Colliery                               S Gray
w                       Stockport Brass                                           M Fowles
w                       Zone One Brass                                          P Archibald