Adjudicator:Michael Ball

Dynamics in the opening could have been a little more restrained with advantage and a little tension experienced at 1, though the playing grew in conviction at 2~3 and the build to 4 was effective.

Overall the playing had energy & commitment and gestures were generally well characterised if tonal shading could have been more subtle with a wider resource of colour ~ a number of less tidy passages detracting from overall promising playing.  Aim for greater breadth & expansiveness of approach to achieve real poise in fast tempo passages.

Some tension evident in the solo quartet and the solo sequence at 17~19 though the approach was always committed.

The Trombone solo at 20 could have enjoyed a more sustained sense of time though melodically charecterised overall.

Some quite effective playing in the Cornet/Euphonium duet with awareness of style.

The little scherzo at 22 tied together quite well though could dance on lighter feet.  Flugel/Trombone at 25 needed a little extra security.

The odd untidiness, but the hymn sequence at 26+ was generally effectively handled.

The final subito tempo vivo will benefit from more consistent precision in quaver detail.  Nevertheless, a number of promising aspects to the overall performance.

Michael Ball


Adjudicator:Geoffrey Whitham

Euphonium high G is sharp.  Fair amount of blips in the opening section.

3: Is more secure.  9/10 bars after 3 more clarity needed.

6: Is quite good, 8 is fairly clean

15: Euphonium good duo. Trio/Quartet OK.

16: Some looseness & intonation,  Rep & Horn OK.  Ensemble needs to be more sostenuto

19: Flugel OK.  20: Trombone could be more dynamic

21: Cornet and Euphonium play well together

22: Is clean.    25+ Still the blips abound

26: Nice shaping & phrasing.   29: Loose pick up Cornets

31:  Soprano & Baritone good but notes dropping off in chords

33:  Well done but still blips. 

You build to a good climax at 37 and ending is OK

The performance had a lot to commend but too many bruised notes did mar the overall performance.

Geoffrey Whitham



1. Aveley & Newham, Nigel Taken, 8 (Qualify for British Open)
2. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, Allan Ramsey, 15 (Qual for British Open)
3. Staffordshire, Steve Bastable, 14
4. Leyland, Russell Gray, 17
5. Pennine Brass, Ian Porthouse, 9
6. PolySteel, Philip Harper, 1
7. Mount Charles, Nigel Weeks, 11
8. Ransome, Major Peter Parkes, 10
9. Burry Port Town, Michael Thorne, 4
10. GUS Band, David Stowell, 6
11. Tredegar, Garry Cutt, 13
12. Redbridge, Melvin White, 5
13. Fishburn, David Roberts, 18
14. Wooley Pritchard Sovereign Brass, Stephen Roberts, 3
15. BT, Mike Fowles, 2
16. Cwmaman Institute Silver (Tower Colliery), Jonathan Corry, 12
17. Freckleton, Paul Dalton, 7
18. Besses o' th' Barn, John Hinckley, 16
19. Beaumaris, Gwyn Evans, w
British Open Brass Band Championship
86th Spring Festival ~ Grand Shield
Blackpool Winter Gardens
13th May 2006

Whitsun Wakes
Michael Ball

Conducted by David Roberts
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