Mineworkers' National Brass Band Championships
16th November 2002

The Essence of Time
Peter Graham (1989)

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:David Read

Good start (a little overpitching in Bass!) Perhaps it could sound a little more 'brilliant'

(5 ~ 'Steady') Good change, all parts are heard to good effect, with a superb sound.

(8 ~ 'Leggiero') Light as marked - well done.  All parts are heard & measured as they should be.

(14 ~ 'Cantabile') Well done.

(15 ~ 'Adagio espressivo') A shaky moment - you recover and a lovely sound heard from Solo Horn.  The music is well shaped by the Conductor.

(18 ~ 'Ritmico') Not entirely secure to start.

(19) Rhythmic with good percussion.  I enjoy this.

(24 ~ 'Espressivo') Expressive & a lovely accompaniment too.

(26) All Soloists are fine.  The music is well shaped with just the right space.

(29 ~ 'Alla marcia') Good Euphonium start.  Some of the groupings not always measured as they should be, but overall (apart from a little mis-pitching) a good version.

(35 ~ 'Scherzando') Good compound time & the full band sound is excellent throughout.

(42 ~ 'Maestoso') Majestic - but expressive too.

A fine band sound throughout all the dynamic ranges.  A performance well shaped by the Conductor - only slight lapses detracted.

Well done.

Result : 3rd.  192 points.
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