Adjudicator:David Read

Pleasing opening with < > noted.  Bar25 arpeggios are good but not continued at same dynamic lead! However, the overall effect is good with fine climax.

D.  Not entirely secure to open + Percussion is at odds with the band at times as good as it is.  The whole picture lacks clarity - well done Xylophone.

J.  Pleasing sounds, particularly Flugel.  K. Some problems with balance here - Good style.

M.  Rather heavy perhaps.  Bars 168/9/70 a little muddy.  N. Could it be more joyfully played.

O.  Quite brilliant but not neat enough - I know it is difficult.

P.  Intonation needs greater care here!  Good tempo change here - effective.

S.  I do feel you capture the majestic style here - Well done - Effective Fine.

David Read.

Adjudicator:Chris Wormold

Apprehensive opening in certain lines and not all entries together as you know.

B.  Could be much more sostenuto even at Maestoso.  Not all detail either heard or in balance.

D.  Nervous and not secure at all in Soprano.  Again, detail lacking all round the stand - Flugel Bar54 onwards for example.  Intonation issues surface at M - Top Eb Bass very flat, Euphonium sharp which causes much uncertainty.  Flugel unsure into Bar180 and Trombones/Baritones untidy Bar171.

O. Is generally well handled by the Cornet section, but Horns, Soprano, Euphonium, Soprano again, etc have clear technical issues which have not been successfully overcome as you know.  Uncertain start to P and again intonation issues through to Q.  Tuning not secure into T and the Tempo at T was quicker than that at the opening (Marked 63/60 respectively not the other way round)

Overall, there were some nice musical moments and phrase shaping was generally very commendable but the technical challenges presented clear problems here.  A band of quality but more musically superior over technique.

Chris Wormold.

Adjudicator:Nigel Boddice

Some emotion from onset without gelling completely.  Clarity of flourishes is an issue throughout opening.  D. Speeds attempted well, leading to accidents and at times confusion on the ear.  A difficult section needing much more composure ideally.

Throughout the ideas of balance have been considered well, floiurishes seem under played though at least in this accoustic.  Technique facility is on the edge always at times pushed one step too far.

P.  Check out the intonation concerns once more (For a fine Band in general - it disturbs)

A Band of some distinction but today with a patchwork performance, some techniques to be checked and rechecked.

There were moments of golden sound laced with lapses of intonation.  There was much flourish detail lost in this accoustic.  Some solo distinction noted - however with accidents too.

A good marker for 1st performance - Thanks.

Nigel Boddice.


English National Brass Band Championship
The Guild Hall, Preston
28th June 2008

Robert Redhead

Conducted by Ray Farr
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