The Scottish Open Brass Band Championship
28 November 2004

Dances and Arias
 Edward Gregson (1984)

Conducted by Major Graham Jones MBE
Contest Results
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Adjudicator:Dr Roy Newsome

Unsetled opening, but good from (1)  
Horn clips after (3)  
Technically quite adequate but generally lacking in purpose.
Untidy link to (8)
Nice Cornet soloist, but overall this section feels like musical meandering.
Good bell effects and quite good Eb Bass solo.
Scherzo - a lack of continuity in intro.  Better from (13)
Semi's not clear from (15) + 6.
Good climax at (20)
Euphonium soloist does well; rather a scramble after (23)
Flugel - lovely sounds but not completely secure.
(25) Good Cornets, but remainder of band lacks drive.
(28) Dangerously like a conventional 9/8
Going well from (31) with a good ending to what has been disappointing in many aspects.

Adjudicator:David Read

Uncertain Trombones at start and lacking clarity as you progress.
(3) + 6 - Horns discomfort!
We lack bite at times.
I like the Molto rall and diminuendo, well done (although some splits occur!)
(8) Good Solo Cornet - Well shaped.  
Be careful cornets in low register (intonation)
(10) + 5 - Well done - effective
Eb Bass uncomfortable - more uncertain moments occur.
Scherzo - Lively, but keep it in compound time.
(19) Neat, but needs to be better measured.
Euphonium recit well shaped but uncomfortable as we progress.
Flugels - Good mellow sound.
(25) Percussion not balanced.
The playing lacks direction from (29)/(32)

Some good points (as in Cornet solo), but too many lapses and accidents occured and have to be taken into account.

Adjudicator:Chris Wormald

Very untidy opening - Most unfortunate first 2 bars.
All semiquavers are lacking clarity - much detail is being completely lost.
Horns lapse as you know - pity when unison is so obvious.
Nice lower sounds in general, well balanced and sonorous.
There are too many small clips around the whole stand (Bb Bass into (8), Cornet after (8) etc) which is unfortunate.
The Scherzo at (11) goes off the rails a little - there are some fine individual and sectional contributions and moments but the overall impression is that not all is under control here.
Fine Euphonium after (22) - Very expressive and confident and likewise after (23) although momentary unease here.
Flugel also has momentary cause for unease but fine sound.
Side drum 5 before (25) not together and the bar before (25) ?!? 
(28) to (29) generally untidy and not all together.

Overall, the performance got away to an unfortunate start and was permutated with lapses and slips which detracted from expectation.  
A little wild towards the end.

Adjudicators Remarks