Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
20th January 2007

Northern Lights
Philip Wilby

Conducted by Richard Evans
Contest Results
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Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
21st January 2007

Entertainment Contest

Conducted by Richard Evans

Adjudicator:James Scott

Where Eagles Sing

A good 'shower' of course and you make a good attempt to establish yourselves from here. 

But there are reservations in areas where there are so many problems pitch and intonation particularly in the 'top' of the band and in general integration of sound.

Ave Verum Corpus

Again there are intonation problems between cornets/soprano/horns/flugel and while there is a certain good shape, there is also a lack of cohesion at times. 


There is a problem between soloist and band here! in that the accompaniment in the faster sections is constantly behind the soloist! 

The soloist of course has flair - and a good range!

The Mill in the Dale

A fun item - and it fits well into the perfomance.

The New Colonial

I appreciate the fact that some marches absorb a slower tempo, but we do need to remember that it can also expose weaknesses.

Russian Christmas Music

Unison Trombones play well from 32 with responses suitably prayerful.

77 - did not have the conviction I would expect in this powerfully scored music and towards the close there were many problems caused by upper band tiredness.

James Scott.

Adjudicator:Nigel Boddice

Where Eagles Sing

Good choice of music, seemingly putting the band close to the limits of technique so clarity and intonation signals become scrutinised emotionally.

Ave Verum Corpus

First note issue, create good empathy of intonation continuously.  Ensemble issues arise especially in this legato style - so technical issue to resolve. 

Emotionally once again - positive vibes


Tone suits style of piece. 

Soloist has a roller coaster today - some tension interfering with assurance of phrases. 

Some wayward accomp - often behind soloist.  Tighter opening bars please.

The Mill in the Dale

Good fun - some intonation issues (in the singing) and some fun shown from percussion.

A nice smiling moment - Thanks.

The New Colonial

Some good ideas in presentation.  Intonation exposed though.

Pull back to Grandioso overdone for my taste.

Russian Christmas Music

Good Percussion effects.

Good sounding music on the big canvas.  The band nevertheless need to integrate within their own sections (no individuals please except in solos).  Keep checking intonation in ff playing please.  Untidy entries noted in closing bars.

Nigel Boddice.
Adjudicator:James Scott

A confident start - though there are some intonation problems in octaves & unisons and I could have accepted more detail in dynamics.

Quite good sounds from C - but some scrambling in semiquaver groups.

Bass Trombone confident in solo lines - but watch intonation!

Soprano cornet plays with shape - but again watch lower notes for intonation.

Muted cornets at F are well balanced if playing rather 'safe' dynamically.

Euphonium good in the solo line.

194 - Accel well paced into I.  From I, there are some good sounds and there is a positive rhythmic approach.

302 and on - the Solo Players play with conviction.

Deep Harmony had intonation problems and the musical phrasing was not consistent.

The reprise of the opening was confident and you manage to pace quite well to a positive close.

James Scott

Adjudicator:     Dr Nicholas Childs

All starts fine but I would like detail.

38-65, Some good playing but lapses in mis-pitching.

B.  Trombone Good and very confident, intonation could be better.

94 - Soprano Cornet - Overall good show but in the lower register tuning a problem

F-G  Careful in dynamics and balance.

G  Well done Euphonium.

183 and onwards some good sounds in cornets but show more styles and careful cornets -

235  Almost 2nd Horn.  But once again more dynamic contrasts will enhance the performance.

282  Good Soprano.

J  Well done soloist, just odd moments of rhythm.

Deep harmony:  Really is not in tune, easy to say but harder to put right.

Apart from hymns this performance has got better as it has progressed.

Thank you.

Dr Nicholas Childs