Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
21st January 2006

St Magnus
Kenneth Downie (2004)

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adjudicator:David Hurst

Intonation problems in opening phrase.

A.  Good sounds and good build to B.

B.  Mostly neat but some detail is lost.

F.  Some nice sounds but watch balance on Solo lines.

I.  Some tidy playing here and effects can be heard.

O.  Good Maestoso - Euph does well despite the slip.

Well done Cornet into Q.  Good lead to R.

R.  Sensible tempo.

U.  This just loses an element of detail.

X.  Good intonation.

AA.  Brisk tempo but details is not always clear.

Good to close.

David Hurst

Adjudicator:     William Relton

Uncertain start.  Nice tone but fragile and a bit of an intonation problem.

A.  Quieter please, you are much more than 'f'

B.  Nice steady pace.  Soprano: there should be a couple of slurs.

F.  Nice Solo work, but the soprano should be let through more.

92.  Blotchy.  Unison Solo Cornets sweet.  Chord before 'I' attack was wrong.

I.  Dynamic playing and a great attempt to play the correct notes.  Nice run into O.

O.  Starts well, Euphonium (a fine artist) has an 'off' patch - what a shame.

P.  Bar 10, the B in Solo Cornet needed to be struck harder.

Q.  Dominating Trombone - Nice Euphoniums.

R.  Good start, but some inaccuracies in Cornets spoil the effect.

280.  Well done Soprano!

U.  Vigorous.

W.  The Cornet run up to the Soprano - High B was a bit messy.

Z.  Majestic Presto - Not a bad attempt at this most difficult section.

Percussion very able, a reasonable ending.

William Relton
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Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
22nd January 2006

Entertainment Contest

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adjudicator:     Steve Sykes

General Mitchell

Solid Band sound ~ Very energetic in presentation. 

B not exactly even.  C is lyrical, but not 100% tuneful. 

DC - again, careful that bass solo quavers don't hurry.


Cornet tone has energy and has clean technique. 

F displays a solid low register and sure high register.  DS again clean. 

Cadenza ~ exciting and brave!  A good number.

Autumn Leaves

Lovely intro ~ but just the slightest intonation glitch in Horns at 2.  

2 before 4, Cornet triplets a bit discrete. 

Good Tutti Band and decoration always well balanced. 

Almost Trombone ~ but you gave some super moments.  Good choice.

Like Always

A relaxed and well balanced ensemble ~ I like the vibe work! (but not sure I like the piece)


Quite incisive to open (Not all 8va quavers clean though). 

6. Tubas get late on off-beat quavers. 

13. Pitch in rising figure not true & 14 untidy in highest sounds. 

4th of 20 untuneful in Horns.  22 to 23 Untidy in muted high Cornets. Good build to 30.

31  Euphonium not always clean in pitch. 

Not a clean transition to 50 and euph a bit reluctant at times (even though it's a nice tone) 

53  The Crescendo could have connected to the ff at 54 more convincingly. 

56 has energy and good ensemble sound. 

59  Bold and final pp is controlled in attack and is secure.  Good conclusion!

Thank you

Steve Sykes

Adjudicator:     William Relton

General Mitchell

The detail in upper Cornets is obscured by the heavy percussion and accompaniment.

In the bass solo the downward runs rush away.


The tuning is a little uncertain ~ I felt the soloist rushing away a bit ~ the ending was not convincing and the high F needs to be stronger.

Autumn Leaves

Full rich band sound well in keeping with the idiom.

Well done trombone soloist.

A great ending.

Like Always

As ever.


Bar 9 Trombones not clear ~ some detail not observed.   13.  Heavier please.

14.  Splits.  4 before 24 ~ Bass lighter.  4 before 26 ~ not neat.

2 before 40 ~ wrong notes, split at 40.

56.  The upper Octave must always be the prominant one ~ you missed a real climax.

William Relton.