Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
22nd January 2005

Harmony Music
Philip Sparke (1987)

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adjudicator:Roy Newsome

Opening well controlled ~ but hardly 'ppp'

Cornet fanfares ~ Good sound and great commitment

(A).  Quality playing, well directed.  Fine Rhythm and balance

Wonderful Bass sound

Molto vivace.  Real clarity here.

Tempo primo.  Euphonium doesn't have the best of days!

(D).  Splendid, both musically and technically.  Full of effects despite the odd moment of untidiness.

Moderato.  A fairly controlled section.  Good intonation and tasteful percussion.

Homage to M.R.  Good atmosphere created.  Well done Solo Cornet.

Soprano a bit straight (p31) and a slight tuning lapse in close.

Cadenzas.  Fine Cornet work, despite insecurity.  Horn very safe but not quite of the same quality.

(N).  Very stylish, with superb build up.

Moderato.  Full of effect.

Molto vivace.  Great technique and real clarity as a result of excellent balance.

Final section.  Seems to transcend all the difficulties of the work.  You make light of them and bring a fine performance to an excellent close.

Thank you.

Roy Newsome.

Adudicator:     David Read

Effective opening.  All well defined.

(A).  Pleasing sounds, all marks are observed - Well done.

Molto vivace.  Light and fleeting as it should be.

Euphonium ~ Not quite!  But well shaped.

(D) onwards. The Conductor brings out all the important detail ~ Well done!

Moderato.  All detail heard ~ Good percussion colour!  Good diminuendo.

Homage to M.R.  Musical!  Well shaped.

Trombones slight uncertain intonation (6 after M)

Cornet cadenza.  Well shaped and lovely sound, also Solo Horn.  Both well done.

(N).  Well measured

Molto vivace.  Rhythmic.  Good.

Presto.  Slightly out of control ~ You recover to end well.

Overall a musical version ~ Not without lapses and well directed.

David Read
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Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival
23rd January 2005

Entertainment Contest

Conducted by Chris Bentham

Adudicator:     David Read

Olympic Fanfare & Theme

A little untiy to open.  Notes need to be measured a little better.

Not altogether, tidy towards close.


Good contrasts to open ~ Keep the groupings measured!

Soloist captures the 'feel' of the music.  We lose balance in Band accompaniment and some slight intonation faults in melodic line at times.

As we progress the soloist plays in a good style and shows a good technical skill too.

Duet for Two Cats

You capture the spirit of the music.

Allegretto.  Good quavers accompaniment.  Watch the intonation! Otherwise effectively played.

Ugly Peanut

Effective and you seem to enjoy the fun of the item.  Don't forget to play the right notes during the fun.

Percussion plays a good part.

Tame opening.  As we proceed there are good full sounds but not always the bite required.

Grandioso.  'FF' did not happen!

There are nice moments but at times some intonation faults too.  Sounded tired at close.

David Read.

Adudicator:     John Maines

Olympic Fanfare

Tentative start and not always together.

Demi's not quite together (some rushed)  Side drum semi's at end of bar rushed also.

Horns not quite balanced at bar 39  (Top heavy)


Not quite together to open

Soloist plays with confidence.

Horns not balanced after (F)  Trombones better.

(G)  Cornet slightly flat at times.  Ensemble could be tighter.

Untidy into (L).  Nice sounds at (M)

Soloist plays well throughout (N)

Just the odd slip after (P).  Good ending.

Soloist could have been a little more outgoing for this type of piece.

Duet for Two Cats

Atmospheric opening with both cats doing well (the odd scrape)

(E)  Cornets not quite balanced and watch intonation Trombone.

Effective piece.  Well done both cats!

Ugly Peanut

Not quite accurate in pitch Trombone.  Soprano similar.

Not all the right notes are heard!  (I do understand the spirit of the occasion)


Could have been stronger start.  Good Bass line and some neat rythmic work is noted.  Cornet is timid 4 before (8) Horn better.

(10)  Could be more 'grand'  Tuning in cornets before (16)

More could be made of detail in the score.

Overall a decent show, but a little more dynamic approach would have improved things dramatically.


John Maines.