The All England Masters Brass Band Championship
26 May 2002

Concerto Grosso for Brass Band
 Philip Wilby (2001)

They that go down to the sea in ships
And occupy their business in great waters,
These men see the works of the Lord
And his wonders in the deep.  Ps 107

Conducted by Graham O'Connor

Adjudicator:James Scott

Part One.  Watch intonation horns/baritone in bar 6/7.  The allegro has good Tempo and reasonably good detail in ensemble, though lower dynamics are often too robust.
I do not hear the the triplet groups from bar 151.  The 'links' from bar 177 did not quite work.

Part Two.  Flugel is secure to open the Nocturne, but generally after this, the shaping of the music is hardly arresting in it's portrayal, though the Euph shapes well until bar 253.  Watch intonation in bars 269/270 and 278.  Those chords were not quite in tune!  Much quieter please - bars 290 and 293.  Cornet closes securely.

Finale.  You build quite well from bar 305 though I would like more definition of quaver groups in bars 344+,  and 355+ was a little untidy in ensemble.


Adjudicator:Eric Crees

Part One.  Well handled opening, but much too loud and fast too early.  Ensemble bars 35+ not happy.  Lower end bars 61-63, poor intonation.  Horn solo at bar 90 nervous rather than Dolce, same for basses after.  Trombone solo needs more clarity at bar 108.  Again, flugel seems uneasy at bar 134.  Didn't get any Piu Mosso at bar 151.  

Part Two.  Flugel, why the gap before crotchet at bar 204, libero doesn't mean play any rhythm !  bars 230-231 very triplety rhythm in 1st cornet.  Good ppp at bar 238, but not enough for magic !   Nice Euphonium up to last couple of bars.  Again, demi-semiquavers virtually semiquavers at bar 265 (and 273).  Intonation poor flugel and trombone 1 at bars 280-282  Good 3rd cornet solo bars 295+

Finale.  As before, too loud and fast too early from bars 314+.  Piu Mosso a bit of a scramble.

Despite some spirited playing, there were too many music and personal slips in this performance.


Adjudicator:David Read

Part One.  Effective start, good accel but I don't hear all parts clearly, eg bar 41.   I feel the notes could be measured a little better.  Bar 90 safely played.  Bar 108 too quick for it to fit accurately.  Bar 134 rather loud.  I feel various subjects do not all speak out.

Part Two.  Flugel - well shaped & played.  Bar 212 tentative.  Be careful of note values.  (demi-semiquavers not semiquavers)  Not entirely comfortable.  Bar 242 Euphonium shapes the music well but unfortunately loses out in high register.  Bar 257 well controlled but not always accurate in note values.  Off-stage well shaped and played.

Finale.  Again effective, however, I don't hear all the parts clearly as I should.

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