North of England Championships
30 March 2008

Eric Ball (1956)

Conducted by Russell Gray:
Contest Results
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8.      Harrogate
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Adjudicator:David Horsfield


Style spacious and quite a cultured feel for the music.

3.  Shows style.

4.  A little untidy.

6.  Nice dynamics.  The flow is nice and attention to detail impresses.

15.  Needs a better 'pp' and then crescendo.

10.  Well matched, then untidy at close where we lose composure.


Not 'as one' in the opening bar, but then the music settles.

In 1, I feel we lose a little of the flow.  Euphonium soloist sings nicely with a spacious feel, and likewise Solo Cornet.

In 3, the various interchanges are successful.

Nicely into 5, and duo is good, but again I feel we lose a little flow.

Better in 6.

7.  Nicely controlled, and only an occasional mishap.

Excellent Tenor Horn to 10.  Troms ain 11 and the movement closes well.


Exciting style here.  Rather untidy movements detract.

Nice 'pp' in 5.

More expression needed in 8, but secure playing here with a nice ebb and flow.

Again good exciting feel created in 10, and you bring the work to an exciting close.

Thank you, much to admire,

David Horsfield
30 March 2008.