North of England Championships
18 March 2007

Robert Redhead (1996)

Conducted by Russell Gray:
Contest Results
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The Colin Frater Memorial Soprano Trophy:   Tom Glendenning, Reg Vardy Band

The Tim Holmes Memorial Principal Cornet Trophy: Tina Mortimer, Tavistock Chester Le St

The Doug Cairns Trophy for the best Bass section:  Reg Vardy Band

The Dolphin Centre Percussion Trophy:   EYMS Band
Adjudicator:Alan Morrison

Prelude - Baritone well spaced but not toned securely.  Basses expressive but entries insecure and not at pp.

Presto - Was mostly loose to 26 and took time to settle.  Trombones were not prominent and were rather insecure in upper notes. Cornets just a little rough around the edges to 56.  Cornets well balanced in transition.  Fragments not all secure. 

65 - Mostly secure Horn solo.

75 - Was serene and well restrained.  Not together across the climax though.

85 - Duet linked well and had some flexibility - a great section.

100 - Fanfares were not entirely secure but were well organised.

138 - A lively tempo finding style and flavour.  Euph not accurate or matched.

142 - Was loose.  154 - Had impact but Cornets were untidy at 158.  Disproportionate quaver at 166.

168 - A good effort Cornet - just minor blips. 

182 - Euph gets a little lost in balance and it could flow more.  Pedals are unnecessary.  Cornets accompany well if a little strongly.

196 - Not a smooth start but the accel was well managed if just a little loose in places.

The eagle swoops well and Trombones have clarity.  Rall didn't work well though and 251 could have more space.  Accel didn't work well and ensemble was loose in Coda section.

246 - rather weak in dynamics and the ending just felt a little flat.

Some very good moments not least a super accel linking the end well.

Earlier looseness in ensemble and a disappointing ending may cost today though.  A good effort nevertheless.

Alan Morrison
18 March 2007.